Wednesday, September 27, 2023

“Trust the process and put in your best work”, Sumedha Sharma, Digital Content Creator

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Meet Sumedha Sharma, a content creator, based in New York who is trying to create her own identity in the field of content creation. From being an under-confident child to a confident adult, Sumedha has grown as a strong-headed individual now. Sharing more about herself, Sumedha says,

“I tried to keep fitting into society and kept failing. I took up science in my high school. That way I kicked away my dreams of pursuing something in the creative field. Eventually, landed myself in an engineering college- every Indian parents dream. One thing I never gave up on was my art. I was always told to keep it aside as it was a ‘hobby’. But look where it has got me today and I genuinely feel proud of myself for never letting it go and pursuing my heart.”

When asked about how she developed an interest in content creation, Sumedha told that she loves to express herself through pictures and videos. Her first work opportunity was from Myntra and she loved every bit of that shoot. It was a mesmerizing feeling for her to be a part of such a large print ad. Elaborating more, Sumedha told,

“The camera, the crew, the adrenaline of being in front of such a huge team and then seeing yourself digitally or in prints, it’s an exciting feeling. You know, how every kid has a dream of being famous one day, I was that kid but I also knew that it’s never going to be true. But, Cosmopolitan was the first magazine to share one of my outfit pictures in their magazine under the street style section, and all I could think of was- ‘Look Maa, I did it!’

Every journey has difficult roads to cross, Sumedha also had to cross some bumpy roads. But the person she has evolved is commendable as now she does not work for satisfying people around her. Sumedha has started to follow her heart passionately. She is working hard to pave a path towards success despite facing multiple challenges in life. Sumedha expressed how she left engineering to follow her passion,

“Leaving engineering college was the first major step in life. And after that, I saw myself become a different and more confident person. When I started my Instagram, I somehow wanted people to know the real side of me. Also, relate to my struggles but also lose that old image of me- hence, Sue Me. I love to believe that I have been able to create a brand name out of myself. It is a great feeling.”


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If not for content creation, Sumedha would have pursued interior designing and have continued it. She feels that the opportunity came knocking at her door at the right time. Sharing her experience of working for Myntra, Sumedha told that she is forever grateful for the opportunity.

“It’s been a life changing experience which helped me create an identity for myself, make some amazing connections in the industry and get to learn something new each passing day.”

Fashion according to Sumedha is expressing herself. Fashion means comfort to her. Adding to which she said, It does not need to be followed by trends or what society wants you to fit in. Elaborating more on fashion, she said, 

“I respect people who have their own individual style unlike most who just flow with what is trending. Nothing amuses me as such about fashion. It’s personal to everyone and I respect that. There are a few things that I dislike- like the low waist jeans or Juicy Couture tracks, but then again, it is a personal preference.”

Sharing one of the most unexpected incidents Sumedha had till now in her journey as a content creator,

“Whenever I have been on a set is when I’ve realised how much hard work, time and team effort it makes to get that ONE perfect picture for a shoot. If you look at any you’d be like, “Aww, it’s a fun candid of them laughing.” But, no. That one candid requires everyone’s effort from a stylist to the makeup artist to creative direction, lighting experts and what not. It has made me respect the work of models. Also, so many more in the team behind the camera.”

When asked about her future plans, Sumedha mentioned that she does not plan anything now. Also is quite liking the turns her life is taking. She feels these twists and turns in her life have made it more exciting and she can not wait to see what’s next for her. This career has made her more confident.

“I’m still me, but I feel more confident. I guess I know what I’m actually doing now. I do feel like I’ve become a better version of myself and this journey has really helped me find my true self and my calling.’

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