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Sona Goldar Raises Her Voice Against Body Shaming

Sona Goldar is a professional model, and actor who is striving hard to achieve heights in her career. Sona participated in Miss India Diva East 2013 and finished off winning it. She firmly believes in hard work and dedication towards doing what you love. Sona has been in the industry for a decade and has quite a lot of experience in modeling. Let us see what Sona told us during the interview.

Sona started her modeling journey in Kolkata in 2010 when she was in college. Her inspiration for getting into modeling and acting is her mother. She considers modeling as her first true love. Telling how she started, Sona says,

“In 2015, I remember 7th March I came to Bombay and I was very passionate about it. Bombay is considred as the city of dreams, so I always wanted to live here. I just packed my bag and came here.”

Sona started her modeling career in Mumbai when she joined Anima Creatives‘ agency. But after a few years, Sona started freelancing. Sona is really grateful to a few of her friends in the industry who helped in the beginning.

“There are few people from people who have helped me when I was in Calcutta. Also, in Bombay, there were a lot of people who helped me. I don’t know whose name I should take. But I got my training from supermodel Nayanika Chatterjee and during my Miss Diva days from Alesia Raut. So, I am very thankful to them as well.”

“Everyone says, they are struggling in Mumbai. All this does not make sense. What do you mean by struggling, we all are working. I never in my life have said that I am struggling. Because I am always working, and trying to get better. Yeah, I have faced rejections but I haven’t struggled it was a learning process. So, coming to plan B, this is what I wanted to always so this is my plan a, b,c, and everything for me. I always knew that I don’t have any choice so I have to do modeling. Also, knowing I have to give my 100 percent in this only.”

Talking about how she dealt with rejections in life, Sona told that rejection is a part of life. But sometimes you can not handle it. Also, for an emotional person like her, it was not that easy to deal with it.

“There are times when I have no work, and no money and am worried. But, I try to talk to myself and say it’s okay. If good days can not stay for long then bad days will also not last. My husband always supports me, he is a big support for me and tells me everything will be fine. My parents were also very supportive. So somewhere I feel your people, be it your family, friends they should be really supportive of your work. We are in different kinds of professions where you need support from your family. I always say agar aaj nhi hua toh kya hua? hum hoge kamyab ek din (What is it did not happen today, One day, we will succeed.)”

The pandemic has affected all of our lives in different ways. These years have been a time of grieving with loss and our healing from it. Sona talks about her experience and how it has been difficult for everyone out there.

We all live in Mumbai and here the rent is so high. Also, when you are not working and you have to pay the rent and EMIs it becomes difficult. My parents are not well as well. My mother had gone through cancer treatment. So, I had to pay bills and look after my family. Trust me, it was not that easy for me. But yes we were asking about the pending payment from everyone. That time everyone was giving me excuses for the pandemic. But, I always believe, bura waqt zyada rehta nhi hai. (Bad time doesn’t stay for long).”

Sona’s husband Yogendra whom she met during the lockdown has been a great source of strength to her.

“That time we met through social media, so mentally he has been good support. I was in a very bad zone at that point, there was no work, there were family problems and the pandemic. You don’t  know what will happen next. Those days, Yogi was my support system. I give all the credit to him. He was my savior.”

Social media has become a part of our lives. Sona says social media these days is playing a vital role in everyone’s life. Because of Instagram people are getting noticed. Reels are growing and people are able to showcase their true side and talents.

“Social media can give you work and it is true. But, only if use it wisely. If you don’t know how to use it, and you are just scrolling and doing nothing. Everything has negative and postive, same with social media. It has the power of giving you work.”


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Talking about dealing with body shaming, Sona told that she has faced a lot of criticism because of her breast size. She mentioned that renowned choreographers have rejected her just because of that. Also, she feels bad about it at times. ‘People in the industry should understand that it is just a body type and one should be not judged’, says Sona.

“This is very demeaning, when you are laughing about it. There are well known choreographers who make fun. No matter how pretty you are they will say, ‘Oh! she is very pretty, she is not meant for it.’ If she is dusky then, ‘Oh! she is only good for ramps, she is not good for print.’ But I feel this is changing a bit. This is the problem of the industry. Maybe noboby talks about it thinking they will not get work. I feel, you have to someday raise your voice about it and speak the truth.”

At some point in her life, this criticism affected her, so Sona started working out. Later she thought that it is impossible to transform your body.

“I feel breast is a nice thing about women body. And, no one should make you feel bad about or make fun about it. It is God’s and nature’s creation. I thought after a point, that people actually go get a surgery done and I have it already. So why I should not embrace it rather than feeling ashamed about it.”

Sona’s advice to all aspiring models is to work with dedication and patience. She feels these two are the key factors to survive in the industry. When asked about how she stays focused and motivated towards her goals, Sona replied it is not possible to stay focused and motivated, always. There are times where she feels low and emotional.

“Whenever I feel low, I think to myself and ask why I started this journey? Because, till the time, things which I have planned do not happen, I can’t cry in sitting in the corner.”

While interviewing Sona we felt how pure-hearted she is. Just like her name she also has a heart of gold. I hope while reading about her story you feel inspired, as we are.

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