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“Rejection, I think is a very important part of this field”, Rohit Mehta

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If a person wants to achieve what they desire in life, they should work consistently towards it without expecting anything. Rohit Mehta is an actor and a model who is working hard to take his place in the entertainment industry. He belongs to Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Rohit believes in improving his skills than expecting fame or money. He has faced certain struggles and rejections in past, but that makes him a confident person today. Also, Rohit has an immense passion for acting and creating something valuable from his creative skills. During the interview Rohit has shed light on many facts about the industry, Let us have a look at what all did he state.

Rohit began his journey in 2012 when he went to Mumbai. He is a trained actor from Anupam Kher’s acting school. He has done a lot of theater workshops. Talking about his journey, Rohit mentioned that he always wanted to get into this field. Also, his parents were very supportive of his decision.

“After getting into acting institute and doing theater workshops for 6 months, in 2012 I got my first project which was advertisement shoot for KFC.

My family has been very supportive throughout.”

Rohit mentioned that he has faced casting couch quit a few times in his career. The experience was terrifying as he was very young. Also, he could not understand. When asked about his struggles he said that he faced them when he stopped taking support from his family.

“One day I went to the audition and while returning I went to a Dosa center, where I used to go frequently. So when I ordered dosa, and checked my pocket there was no money. Then I told the dosa vala to wait for me to bring the money. I went to ATM and realized that there was no money in my account as well. At first, I was laughing, after that I became really emotional and started wondering about what I am doing with my life. That really struck me hard.

But its part of the game. Maybe people have faced more struggles than me in life and it is nothing for someone who has been out of their homes without any external support. So these are some incidents which are there in my mind every single time.”

While discussing rejections, Rohit laughed and said that it is part of the journey. You learn how to deal with it, with time. As a part of this industry, you should be ready to face them. Also, it is not always your fault, sometimes it can be a bad day as well, so a person can not blame themselves completely.

“Initially, I used to get really annoyed and angry. That was because you went on an audition, you give your hundred percent and you almost feel that you have nailed it, you have got this role, but then they tell you that you are too young or too old or maybe director wants someone else. So you have to accept it, Rejection, I think, is a very important part of this field. “

When asked about sharing good and bad experiences, Rohit mentioned about one such experience, where he felt gleeful and gloomy at the same time.

“It was an ad for incredible India and we went to Leh Ladakh. So we were travelling and shooting. It was a 1 month schedule, and I had a great time there, I was getting good money. I was travelling and shooting.  When you are shooting for a brand like incredible India, you get a lot of luxuries. I had great time overall. After I came back from 1 month shoot, I was waiting for the ad to release. Because I saw few clips and thought it will look phenomenal on screen and people will notice me.

So, the ad got delayed by 4 months. When the ad got released, and when I saw the ad, I started crying. Because it was 45 or 50 seconds ad and in those 50 seconds, there were around 7-8 shots in which I was there. But in all those shots, they did not show my face. They were all back shots. I was shattered.”

Rohit feels that there are no defined paths in this industry to be successful. All a person needs to do is work hard. Talking about dealing with uncomfortable situations, Rohit says that you learn with experience. Also, as an actor, one should be versatile enough to mold themselves according to a character. 

“I think you learn with time, and as an actor you should be very very flexible. You cannot say no to something which does not fit into your brackets. For example, if you have already imagined yourself that I will do only lead roles, or I will only do center characters then you can not learn acting. Also, be clear whether you really want to work as an actor, or you want to be a star or you want the fame, Instagram likes because it is a different game altogether. But if you really want to learn the craft of acting then you have to be very flexible and supportive. I think it is very important you be clear in your head what you want.”

Rohit told that family connections play a very important role in making your career in the entertainment industry. Sharing his experience,

“I was selected for a role where there were 4 boys. We were auditioned for a month and it was intense audition and workshops. They said I was selected, and the shooting will happen in Shimla, but then all of a sudden I got a call at night. I was told that there is a star, his niece is going to do the film. So they cannot do anything about it. They were sorry too. They were ready to pay for the workshop and whatever time I waste.

So ya it happens and it happened. I felt broken, because I was thinking that this is my game changing time and this is the time where the coin will flip and I will get what I want. So, I was kind of shattered but thats how life goes. Then you again stand up, you fight back. You can not blame anyone for not having family connections. “

Rohit feels to avoid falling into any scam. He believes that one should do quality research about the brands and casting team. Narrating an incident, Rohit says,

“Few days back I got a call, and they were telling me that they have shortlisted my profile. They asked for 5,000 rupees for registrations and then will be providing me with script. So I already knew that this does not happen anywhere. Its a very simple game, that they will give you a script for audition and if you get selected, they will take some percentage of your fees and that’s how it works.

So keep your mind open and research because that is the only way to find out if the casting is genuine or not. “


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Rohit is an exceptional writer. He has written, directed, and produced many short films till now. A few of his films include Upma, Pardon, Time zone, and many more. His films are doing really well on OTT platforms. Apart from this, Rohit is a sportsperson and loves to play football as well as tries to learn a new sport. He also loves to read books in his free time.

Rohit expressed his desire to work with talented actors in the Bollywood industry. He wanted to work with late actor Irfaan Khan but unfortunately could not get a chance. But he would love to work with Ranbir Kapoor and Piyush Sharma.

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