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Priyasha Chaudhuri “You cannot stop rejections, rather learn from them and be a better version of yourself”,

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Priyasha Chaudhuri is a professional model who came to the industry with a dream of making it big. She started her career in her hometown Kolkata and later decided to move to the city of dreams-Mumbai. Priyasha feels one should be patient enough to survive in an industry full of competition. She had a lot to share about the modeling industry and her career.

Priyasha had a fascination with becoming Miss India from her childhood. Also, she always wanted to become a model and an actor. She loves being in front of the camera. After completing her 12th, she tried for Miss India and got selected for Miss India East.

“When I was just 18 I became the finalist of Miss India East. And eventually, my parents also supported me. I got my training from Alesia Raut. I was in the top 8 and then from Miss India East, I started my modeling career.”

The biggest challenge she faced was convincing her parents as she was a single child. Also, shifting to a new place and starting everything from zero was a challenge in itself.  Though she knew that she has to do something big for herself which can not be done in her hometown.

Priyasha in her modeling career so far has walked for many renowned designers like Manish Malhotra, Vikram Phadnis, Anju Modi, Anita Dongre, Nitin Bal Chauhan, Sumit Das Gupta, and many more. Priyasha told that there was a lot of struggle but then eventually she learned to manage. Now she is planning to diversify her career more towards acting.

“I always wanted to be an actor but modeling is my bread and butter and has become my love. When I started with Miss India and saw the whole procedure of this profession I just fell in love with it.”

When asked about facing criticism, Priyasha told that there were times when people use to body shame her, in spite of having a good physique. Elaborating on that, Priyasha says

There is always some sort of criticism or favoritism going on in the industry. But you need to learn from that and move on. I think there is always room for improvement. It has happened and it will happen again when the ramp walk will start. This is how it works and one person can not change it.

But you don’t have to get affected by this. You are your own motivator and if one person has criticized you, you can’t lose hope. Every day you have to remind yourself that why you are in this field.

Priyasha’s advice to all the newcomers is that they should never demoralize themselves just because of this criticism. Rather when someone does that, prove them wrong with constant efforts. The criticism is the part of this job and everyone in the industry faces at some point in their career. Priyasha feels lucky that at an initial stage of her career she did not face rejections. Eventually, she did but Priyasha always wanted to be in this field, so it did not affect her much.

“There were auditions where I was selected, dates were blocked, and everything. Later in the night, I was rejected. Of course, it feels bad. In acting it is completely different. Modeling I know how it works but acting is a learning process. So I always try to see the positive side. When I face rejection I think to myself that there were around 100 people auditioning and you are the one who was shortlisted. So there is a reason behind it. You have to make peace with rejection and try to learn from them. Rejection will happen. Today maybe Deepika Padukone might be facing it. Everybody does. Maybe for one day it will haunt you or disturb you but you can not give up. Learn and grow, be a better version of youself.”

Priyasha in the past 7-8 years has grown as a strong-headed, independent woman. She knows what she has to do in life and is very clear with her plans. Yet sometimes strongest individuals also can not figure out what next they have to do in life. As we all know the pandemic has been tough for every individual, be it mentally, physically, or financially. Priyasha told she has realized a lot of things in these months of covid. Also, these times have changed her in a more positive way. She has become stronger and grown as a better individual.

“I did not meet my parents for almost 1 and a half years. Here in Mumbai staying and surviving each day is really difficult. As this city is one of the most expensive cities. My close friends were always there to support me. Survival is the biggest thing over here. Planning everything and understanding how things work. But all these planning did not go well when this covid came.

Priyasha talking about the current fashion trends say,

“Nowadays straight pants are back in trend. White tee never goes out of fashion. I think basic denims with straight fit are quite in now. Also, sporty clothes are in trend. We can see people wearing a lot of sportswear, tracks and normal crop with joggers paired with colourful sneakers. You see these days designers are also going for comfort clothes. Gone are the days where long gowns were in trend. For particular occasion maybe we can wear it is a different thing altogether. Easy breezy clothes are in trend right now.”

Priyasha’s fitness goal is to get her abs back and eat healthily. She is strictly against cutting down on diet but promotes eating healthy food and avoiding junk. Moreover, she wants to indulge herself in martial arts after achieving her fitness goals. In the coming  years,

Priyasha would focus more on her acting career. She really wants to do more acting projects. Also, she aims at buying a house in Mumbai and settling with her parents. Priyasha’s interest lies a little towards astrology as well so she would like to learn Tarot cards.

Being an animal lover, Priyasha would like to adopt a dog and a cat if ever she gets a chance. She would love to connect with people who take care of animals and wishes do something for them. In the end, Priyasha’s advice to all readers is,

“Make yourself a little positive. Don’t involve yourself in the rat race. You have to understand your own journey and do what best you can do for yourself. That is what I believe in. Just follow your heart and at end of the day your subconscious mind will know what is right and wrong. Never give up in life. If you are only left with a very less amount in your bank account still do not give up on your dreams .”

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