Thursday, September 28, 2023

“One Should Never Give Up In Life And Always Keep Trying”, Shagun Chawariya

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One Should Never Give Up In Life And Always Keep Trying Everything you imagine can be real. This is the belief of Shagun Chawariya, who started modeling at the age of 18. Shagun hails from Delhi and is planning to pursue his graduation in acting. As along with modeling, Shagun’s interests also lie in acting.


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Shagun started his career when he was in Grade 12. His journey has been full of ups and downs, he says,

It was a bit difficult for me. But, I believe that one gets to learn once they start to do it. So, I started and gave my best. And, today I am where I am. Yet there is a lot more to achieve and learn.

Shagun started his career at Taj India Fashion Runway. Then he walked the ramp for Icon India Fashion Week. Moreover, he has done several shoots like VIPS Couture Photoshoot, Amazon Photoshoot, CATALOGUE Photoshoot, and many more. Talking about his modeling journey, he says,

During my initial years, I used to be nervous. All the models working with me were experienced. The thought of my performance was making me nervous from inside. But, I gave my best and did the walk gracefully. Afterward, I started learning, and gradually my confidence level increased as well.

Adding on, Shagun expresses his desire to work with Manish Malhotra and the International designer brand Calvin Klein.

Shagun talks about how casting agencies mislead freshers. They are not able to achieve the amount of fame and credit they deserve, due to such agencies. However, joining the right casting agency and getting proper guidance helps.

Shagun strongly feels about the existing caste-based discrimination. He wants to remove the idea of caste and religious superiority in the country. As these give birth to different kinds of discrimination. Elaborating he says,

I would like to remove the discrimination of caste and religion. Talent should be given priority in India. As our country is full of beautiful talents. Everyone should equally get the opportunity to showcase their talent to the world. For that, I will use my social media to create awareness. As in today’s time social media is a very big platform. If my words reach atleast a few, then maybe there is a ray of hope to change.

Shagun also talks about the importance of social media in a model’s life

Social media is very important in the field of modeling and fashion-free acting. In today’s time, social media is something from where you can learn a lot. You can express yourself and understand changes timely.

While concluding, Shagun says to him success in modeling is something that makes him popular and when he achieves what he wants.

Shagun’s manta to life is, 

No matter what happens, one should never give-up in life and always keep trying.

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