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“Modeling is not limited to how one looks”, Fashion Model, Vini Sharma

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Meet fashion model Vini Sharma. She is a PGD student currently working as a Content writer and a Marketing executive for a Cyber security company. Along with that, She is also pursuing her passion for modeling.

Her journey started three years ago when she won a state-level pageant. She was crowned as Miss Ahmedabad. That moment her life took a tremendous turn. From there one thing led to another introducing her to the glamour world. 

“I suppose the universe always has something planned for us regardless of what we aim for in life. I never in my wildest dream had thought that I would be modeling let alone be walking for designers and would be featured in renowned magazines”.

Apart from the fact that Vini gets to do something she absolutely loves and adores. She feels it has changed her as a person and has exposed her to different skills. From posture to poise to communication skills. Moreover, she feels these are some things that can be applied to every field. Fortunately, Vini has not been exposed to any negative end but of course, criticism has always been a part of the journey along with some sleazy beings. But she has learned to experience from them.

“Criticism and discrimination are a part of life and modeling. There will always be someone telling one that one is not enough or that one has to change. But the thing that I have learned is that in the end, it’s about how the person actually is. Who one believes one is and loving yourself”.

Modeling to Vini before only meant getting good pictures as that is what is visible on the surface. However, after being in the industry, she realized the values it holds, and not only does that change one as an individual but has made one realize that it is what one represents.

One of the things that Vini loves about the industry is how accepting and loving it is. It is the only place where one can be oneself. They would not be judged or demeaned to be different but would be looked upon. Vini remembers when she started. She was told that she have a very unconventional face, not very Indian to be precise. Nevertheless, she does not think that was ever a hiccup but rather turned the paths favorably for her. Every coin has two sides, so to say that she dislikes something would sound very harsh, more importantly, to criticize one needs experience in the pocket but in her opinion, modeling should be seen in a more respectful light. She has learned to love herself from the industry. Adding to which she says,

“Modeling is not just limited to how one looks. It is much more than that. Itis what one brings to the table, their  aura, ethics, and most importantly how one perceive oneself. One have to learn to love and accept themselves and only then one can bring the best version of themselves”. 

Fashion for Vini is something very personal and is only what her body accepts. She rarely goes with the trends and would rather be wearing something according to her mood even if that means being a proud flag-bearer of PJs or wearing prom dresses to a grocery store. Discussing her first shoot experience, Vini said,

” I still remember when I got my first paid shoot, it was for a clothing brand, Fabrica. Although, it barely covered any expenses, I was so ecstatic I couldn’t wait to start working. The lights touched my face, makeup baking my skin, lens clicking, more importantly when I saw my name written across the mirror, I still get chills thinking about it”.

According to Vini, modeling is not something one connects with perfection but is the valuable cause of its appreciation towards imperfections. Having said that because she feels the only reason she is in the industry is that a major chunk of her does not do it for the glam but is truly in love with the art form.  Every step of life is progress and coming from knowing nothing to learning to work with renowned names in the field itself is progress for Vini.

When it comes to art, change indeed is the only constant. Vini is the kind of person who accepts change readily. She considers that in India, the evolution is quite neutral and close to the Indian roots. Moreover, not going by the foreign trends but making own trends. Most, importantly, the industry knows what is acceptable to the audience. Talking further about how the Indian fashion industry is coping with international fashion, Vini says,

I personally feel that there is no need to cope as art is individualistic and what our nation represents is very different, unique, and more importantly is close to our roots which would never be similar to international trends. This is also the reason why we shine differently from others”.

Vini did the last shoot with Vaishali Studio wearing the Breath Collection. The designer was Vaishali Shadangule and agency Cocoberry. Overall, it was a great experience for her. Conversing with Vini to know more about her, she revealed her favorite season.

“For me, it will be Spring. First, the fact that it represents a new beginning makes me believe that everyone has a chance to start fresh at any point in life. Second, that cold breeze filled with soft warmth is exactly what you need for a perfect day”.

Vini, in three words, would like to define herself as compassionate, honest, and fabulous. She along with her sister is the founder of an NGO, Sukham. Although she spends all her day modeling, something equally valuable to Vini is her NGO. Therefore, if not modeling, she would probably be working full day for her NGO and would also be pursuing her passion for writing given she is a mass media student. Her bucket list includes having her NGO reach a national scale and get the opportunity to extend her hand across the nation, learn an instrument and attend the Paris Fashion Week.

Sukham is an NGO founded by me and my sister a year back where we aim to help through giving back to our society in every way possible. We also try to reach out and help as many needy as we can let it be Humans or Animals. 

No belly deserves to slice its hunger and go on with its days. Hence, our focus is to reach to each one in need and fight the battle of hunger”.

No cause is possible without mass support. So, feel free to reach them if you ever wish to donate. 





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