Sunday, October 1, 2023

Megha Rouniyar: Web Developer and A Fashion Model

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Meet model and web developer Megha Rouniyar, who is doing her best to follow her passion for modeling. Coming from a small town in Nepal, modeling was never a career option for her. Though after settling in the United States for her undergraduate degree, she is doing what she loves the most. She is exploring the modeling industry quite well now. Megha’s family has supported her in every phase of her life.  Adding further,

“I consider myself extremely lucky to have the strongest support system out there. My family has always supported me with my choices. Be it dropping out of Med school or to pursue a career in IT or modeling. They are also my biggest fans and critics.”

Apart from modeling, Megha is a traveler and loves to explore different places. Also, she loves hiking and spending time enjoying nature. Her stress buster is to hit the gym as she is a fitness freak. Megha works full-time as a Web Developer and spends her weekends doing modeling assignments. On asking how she deals with criticism, Megha replies,

“I feel like we all receive criticism in some way or the other, I am no exception. Over the course of years, I have learned to take constructive criticisms to build myself and become better. I don’t really focus on negative criticisms or hate comments that are demeaning.”
As we know rejections are a part and parcel of life, Megha also feels the same. However, one must learn and move on to do better in life.
“As a young girl, rejections did affect my confidence self-esteem. However, I have a strong support system. My parents always encouraged me to work on my weakness instead of being disheartened. As I grew older, I realized that rejections only assure that there is something better for you out there.”

Megha considers that constant pressure is the toughest part of modeling. Currently, Megha does not do high fashion modeling and only does commercials and print shoots. She mentioned that maintaining weight and expecting to lose weight after every shoot is disappointing.

However, social media plays a very important role in getting good work to all the aspiring models nowadays. Elaborating more on social media importance, Megha said,
“Networking and getting connected with fellow models or artists/designers have never been easier. Besides that, it has also given agencies the room to discover talent on their platforms. It makes the rigorous audition process simpler and the lives of aspiring models easier.”
Megha aspires to work with some renowned names in the industry she looks up to. As of now, she wants to focus more on commercial brands. She has been working with some local brands and gradually wants to work more for renowned brands. Her goal is to be on the Vogue cover one day. She also wants to work with Versace, Zuhair Murad, Sabyasachi, and Balmain in the coming future.
The biggest challenge she faced so far is to find a good modeling agency to associate with. Though her modeling experience so far has been pleasant.
“However there are a lot of fake agencies. If you are a fresher with no connections, it’s easier to get manipulated to false promises. So getting yourself a good agent is the toughest part of the job to begin with.”

Shedding light on the current fashion trends in the modeling industry, Megha says,

“Here in the US, we see more inclusivity these days. More representation of women of color, different skin, and body types. As of now, feather brows are a big trend. I don’t really follow clothing trends so I am not sure about anything specific to clothing.”
Sharing her opinion on implied nudity in the modeling industry, Megha expressed by saying,
“Well, I don’t hate it, I don’t love it either. If I see good work I will appreciate it regardless of its form. Modeling is a form of art and if the model is comfortable with the vision, it shouldn’t be an issue. It really depends upon the concept and consent of all the parties involved in the process.”

Megha is a part of an executive board for a non-profit organization, ADWAN. It is a 501(c)3 registered non-profit organization in the US and is primarily based in Nepal. They help children and women from marginalized communities especially Dalit women and children. They provide them with education through their vocational training programs. The organization is also registered with the UN.

“As a woman who comes from a minority herself, this cause is very special to me. I aspire to continue my work to make some impact in the society.”

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