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Makeup Artist Mayuri, empowering the youth to follow their passion wholeheartedly

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As we know today our youth is trying to break societal norms with their talents and passions. They are doing what they want irrespective of what society thinks. Meet young and inspiring Mayuri Mahagaonkar, a makeup artist leaving no stone unturned to follow her passion and do what she loves the most. Her determination towards her passion is what makes her stand out from other people. Realizing the facts, where is going wrong without blaming others makes her a hard-working person. We recently scrolled through social media and stumbled upon Mayuri’s Instagram account and were intrigued to know more about it. Therefore, we interviewed her about her journey so far. So without wasting any further time let’s just dive into what she shared.

Mayuri belongs to Kolhapur in Maharashtra. She recently completed her graduation in Business Administration. Mayuri told that as a child she was not very attracted to makeup and was not typically feminine. Elaborating on how she developed an interest in makeup she says,

 “I never liked doing makeup or anything when I was in class 10th. I had no interest. So 2 years back at my sister’s wedding I did my own makeup. The guests asked that from where did I got my makeup done. They appreciated me when I told them that I did it on my own. And then I thought to myself that this is something creative. This is something that I want to do. Therefore, I chose makeup as my career.”

Mayuri is a certified makeup artist and a nail technician. She has started her career as a makeup artist just before the pandemic had hit the world. Many people in the world lost their golden opportunities and time due to the pandemic, so did Mayuri. But not losing hope she bounced back and is doing things with more determination and dedication. Talking about the hurdles she faced when she started her career, she says,

“It is one of my experience and I would always want to share. I was beginner, I did not know how to go about it and how to approach people. You can say I was very raw. I got my first bride, they expected me to do makeup like Parul Garg. They showed me her brides pictures. I charged 15000 and they were like no no I can not give this much. However I told them to rethink, as I was giving them 4 makeup looks in minimal amount.

Also, I was using quality products and everything. The next morning I received a text saying ‘my family did not like your makeup, you are not very good enough’. That was very demotivating as it was my initial stage. It affects the beginner. When negativity starts coming you feel demotivated.”

Mayuri evolved in her makeup artist career by doing freelancing and collaborations. She started building her contacts with photographers and models as well. She built her Instagram account by posting pictures of her clients.

When asked how supportive was her family, she told initially they were not very supportive and were a little skeptical about this career. As in her entire family, no one has chosen any such career path. Although, she convinced them by stating how much she liked doing creative stuff and is not at all up for doing a job. Her grandmother was quite supportive of her decision and stood beside her through thick and thin. Also, she provided her with all the funding she needed for buying better-quality products.

“Now my parents have understood about the industry. They are convinced that this industry too has a lot of scope in the future.”

Mayuri mentioned that she is facing difficulties in finding people and doing marketing. Also, accepted that she might be missing out in something. People are yet to recognize her as a makeup artist and start approaching.

On asking, how did manage an instance when a client did not like the look she created. She replied that she has been lucky in this case. Also, she puts in a lot of effort in creating the look. Mayuri gives a free trial first to her clients prior to their special day, so the clients should be satisfied. This quality of hers surely stands apart from a lot of others. While discussing the quality of products, how important are those she says,

“The quality of a product is very important specially for a bride. The camera lens is HD these days, therefore every minute detail is visible. Of course with your naked eyes you can figure it out. The prepping of the skin is very important. Also, the clients should be happy and it be worth the money.”


Handling the pressure before doing any makeup for a bride, Mayuri told that she creates a friendly environment around her. She talks to her clients and calms them down first.

“The bonding with your client is important. When you are doing makeup on your friends you are very calm and you know nothing is going to go wrong. Even if it goes wrong they are going to understand. So that’s why I become friendly with clients. Then that is how I calm myself down. I know how their nature is and everything.”

Sharing her future plans, Mayuri revealed that 10 years down the line she would start her own makeup line just like Huda Beauty, Bobby Brown and etc. Moreover, if she ever gets a chance to work in the entertainment industry she would love to work. Following her own passion and dreaming big, Mayuri feels empowered and independent. Also, she is very grateful to her family who has never stopped her from achieving her dreams.

“I feel bad for the girls who are juggling between their dreams and family. It is very easy for me to tell them to fight for yourself and leave everything. Imagining myself in their shoes, I can realise the  struggles they must be going through. But I hope if anyone is facing this kind of situation then I would say they should stand for themselves.”

In the end, apart from makeup, Mayuri is an avid reader. Recently, she developed her interest in knowing more about spirituality aswell.

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