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Laksh Birdi “Nothing worthwhile comes easily, so don’t turn back.”

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Laksh Birdi is a 29-year-old model hailing from Chandigarh, Punjab. His career as a model started when he participated in the Signature Fashion show in 2016. Laksh Birdi is one such model who has been hustling each day to follow his passion. He also works in the government sector for financial stability. Laksh feels that there is a lot of competition in the modeling industry. So skilled work and hard work are very important. Today, Laksh has good experience in the industry due to this. We spoke to him to know about his journey till now.

Laksh told us that he used to take part in college ramp shows just for fun. But, little did he know that it will turn into his passion. While he was on a family vacation, one of Laksh’s cousins advised him to send a portfolio to the modeling agencies for better opportunities. But Laksh Birdi felt that he was way behind in comparison to other models and dropped the idea. However, in the year 2015, with lots of hope and courage, he decided to take up modeling and started working on himself.

 “Firstly I started gathering information and noted few points where I was lacking. Then I started my gym. Secondly I started looking for some videos, and interviews on how models dress, how they pose and how they walk in a rampshow. That is how I learned.

Later in the year 2016, Laksh Birdi decided to get a portfolio done. So, one of his school-time friends who was a photographer helped him in making a portfolio. After a few months, Laksh finally sent it to one of the agencies. The agency approved him and gave him the golden opportunity to walk the ramp. The show was in Delhi – The Signature Fashion Week December 2016. 

“I was very nervous from inside before the show, but show went good. I was appreciated a lot by my family and friends. Also, that show gave me the confidence and ability to face my fears.”

Laksh Birdi feels that to chase passion one should be financially stable first. So, he is still working in the government sector.

Modeling was happening on the side along with work. But, never knew it will become my passion one day and I will get this serious about modeling”

Talking about his family, Laksh Birdi expressed that his family has been really supportive throughout. However, his family was quite skeptical of taking modeling full-time without being independent financially. He never forgets his father’s advice – Doing good things requires hard work and one should wait for the right time to achieve them. Laksh Birdi is very grateful to his parents as whatever he has achieved till now is because of their support.

“My mother helped me achieve what I have today in my modeling career. And, my father has always guided me. My father and mother throughout supported me alot in both the journeys, of work and modeling.”

Laksh Birdi has been doing both designer shoots and brand shoots. And, he thoroughly enjoys both of them. Laksh Birdi mentioned that both have their own advantages. Also, advertisement shoots have more value than designer shoots, according to him. If the brand is well known then a person may get an opportunity to work on big campaigns. Laksh would love to work more for brands than designers. He says,

“In the future, you have more chance (if you do adverstisements) to get highlighted on social media, as you all know now-a-days social media is a bigger platform to showcase your work. Therefore, I would love to work with advertising brands and add more value”

Also, Laksh Birdi lists a few points to keep in mind before approaching any well-known brand. He said a beginner should include a small introduction about themselves, mentioning why they like the brand, how perfect they are for the brand, and how they could collaborate. Laksh Birdi told rather than just proposing a collaboration one should let them know exactly what you have in mind and what is the story behind it. He writes blogs on related topics, promotes through affiliated links, and also makes relevant videos. 

“Try making better content and allow brands to see the work. Your presentation is very important when you make content, so choose it wisely.”

Laksh Birdi showered some light on how the social media influencer market has reduced the prospects of models. He told that in the pandemic the outdoor shoots have stopped. 2020 has been a catalyst for the growth of Influencer marketing in India. Not only new content creators have emerged but also brands have shown interest in working with influencers for their respective goals. 

Social media influencers this year, have used a variety of features to promote brands. Especially Reels, as it is heavily promoted by Instagram and is cost-effective compared to long videos, providing more authenticity and engagement”

The advice Laksh Birdi gave to all aspiring models was to never give up. Also, work hard to achieve your ambitious goals and always keep pushing yourself to do better.

 “The road to your dreams isn’t always easy to navigate, sometimes dotted with mountains to climb, obstacles to overcome—and hard, mind-numbing times that will make you feel like quitting. Just remember this if you get lost along the way: Anything worth having doesn’t come easy, so don’t turn back around”

Laksh Birdi asks everyone to mentally prepare themselves for rejection. Also, should know how to handle when doors shut in front of their face without giving a second thought. He thanks God every day for the new day as he still remembers what he faced in his initial journey. The rejections he faced made him strong. Also, it took a lot of time for him to make his name in the industry. He mentions that modeling is not an easy field, one should do consistent hard work.

 Rejection is part of the territory. The sooner you accept it, the better for you. Don’t base your self-worth on appearance or anybody else’s approval of you. Start practicing now: challenge yourself to shrug off any criticism you receive this week. See if it was easy or difficult. The harder it was, the more you need to grow a tougher skin. Start practicing the ability to let all criticism roll off your back! But don’t worry, everybody is capable of learning this skill with enough practice.

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