Tuesday, October 3, 2023

It’s So Much Fun To Style People And Great To See Happiness’, Fashion Designer, Anjali Phougat

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It’s So Much Fun To Style People And Great To See Happiness. Meet Anjali Phougat, a fashion designer making headlines in the United States. Anjali has been in the fashion industry for over 15 years now and is turning heads with her designs. She runs a boutique in the US with a clientele that surpasses the South Asia community there. Anjali Phougat is based in Central Ohio. A world record holder and a fashion designer. She is a celebrity stylist, entrepreneur, and founder of Designer Dream Collection. A luxury brand in the fashion industry. She specializes in wedding styling & customization of jewelry and outfits and gained national attention through her work with celebrities and contributions in the fashion world, beauty pageants, New York Fashion Week, and Cannes film festival by showcasing her intriguing jewelry and red carpet collection.


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Recently, Miss Universe Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu wore a Saree by DDC in her homecoming preparation video where she shared about Indian culture with her global audience on the miss Universe page.

“Since childhood, I wanted to be a fashion designer but after winning miss Haryana’s crown my dresses got great attention and I decided to pursue my passion.”

Then one thing led to another and now here she is making headlines and doing her family proud. Her love for designing flashes in her designs.

“What else you can ask for when passion becomes a profession and work does not feel like work anymore. It’s so much fun to style people and great to see happiness, Confidence, and joy it brings in their life. That’s very rewarding and gives me immense joy.”

Anjali like others did have to go through struggles. It’s obvious that her hard work and struggles did pay her a good deed. 

“The strategies that have helped me through my journey are not giving up and staying focused. I strongly feel consistency is the key to success because no one becomes successful overnight. Everyone will face different challenges during their journey.

Every day I put my plans on paper and continuously work towards my goals to keep myself on track and feeling productive from the moment I wake up. Every day I try to learn something new and do at least one act of kindness to bring joy to others’ lives.”

Everyone knows that the fashion industry is an all-time evolving industry. Over time this industry has seen many changes. Women are becoming more vocal about their rights to be paid similarly to men. Even when it comes to belonging to a given background, being a specific size, colour, or height. The industry keeps on seeing changes and it never sleeps. The fashion industry also plays a very vital role in empowering women  Anjali has similar thoughts as she said,

“Time is changing and fashion is evolving.

Gone were the days when models were required to be size 0. The biggest example is my New York Fashion Week looks where I had models of all shapes and sizes. Fashion plays a big role and clean and polished looks instantly help in boosting Confidence and when we are confident, women can rule the world.”


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When she was asked what she would have been doing today if not fashion designing she said, social services and empowering other women. Anjali knows and believes that each individual has a unique style and it is definite that it would differ from others. When asked about her personal style she said,

“My style reflects my personality and I love the comfort and being myself. Saree is my fav garment and I recently designed a saree for miss Universe Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu’s homecoming prep video for sharing Indian culture with miss world’s global audience.

When asked a few to-the-point questions, Anjali had some amazingly inspirational answers.

– If you get a chance to go back and tell your younger self one thing what would it be?

“Though it won’t be possible I would tell myself to be confident and tell me that I am very proud of myself for knowing my passion at a very young age and having the courage to peruse it despite all the challenges.”

Towards the end, we asked her for a piece of advice. An advice she’d like to give to the people who are planning to join the fashion industry. She stated five points, Anjali said,

“Never follow trends, be consistent, be creative, explore opportunities and never hesitate to experiment with new looks and learn from your past mistakes”

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