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“If You Win It Will Be Good, If You Lose You Will Learn More” Jyoti Saini

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“She remembered who she was and the game changed”, the story of model Jyoti Saini depicts this in a well alluring manner. Jyoti Saini is born in Kolkata and brought up in Delhi. She completed her English honors from IGNOU. Jyoti’s life is filled with emotions and obstacles, which she willingly shared with us. Jyoti has faced major financial crises due to which she left her dream of becoming an astronaut. To help her family financially, she started earning from her 12th standard.

“I always wanted to become an astronaut. Nobody knows about this because I never shared it with anyone because of our financial crises. So, I started working after just completed my 18th (birthday) to support my family. So, I started earning when my 12th boards were near. I still remember, my very first 12th board exam was on 5th March 2012 and I joined the job on 1st March 2012”.

From walking on several Fashion Weeks to judging them, Jyoti’s journey has really been amazing. Jyoti has walked for many fashion weeks, along with this she has done e-commerce shoots, brand endorsements and worked with many ace designers as well. She walked the ramp in Miss. Aureate Fashion Icon 2019 and also entitled the crown. Moreover, she judged Mr. & Ms. Gorakhpur 2021. Then she won the title of Best Actress of the Academy.

Going further deep into the modeling journey of Jyoti, it was difficult during her initial days. She faced rejection due to her height as she is below 5’7. People around her always advised for print and e-commerce modeling. But Jyoti was fond of ramp modeling, hence she decided to work on it. Later on, after working so hard with the support of her friends she made a name for herself in modeling.

“Earlier I faced rejections due to my height and was told to join e-commerce and print modeling. But I always wanted to get into ramp modeling, so I started working and one fine day my journey started”.

Jyoti loves to maintain her social media account. Hence, recalling the significance of social media in a model’s life Jyoti says,

“For a model, it is very important to maintain social media. It will give you opportunities for new projects. I personally love to maintain my account beautifully”.

Jyoti started her journey from Miss. Aureate Fashion Icon 2019, where she won the title of The Miss. Aureate Fashion Icon 2019 and was crowned by the famous Flora Saini. She describes her journey as,

“I never thought that I will win the show. So, it was so happening and at the same time, shocking too while getting crowned by Flora Saini (Actress). I still can feel the night when everybody was getting awards and sachet. I was cheering for everybody backstage. Never thought that at the last I will be shocked- because the way they called my name – ‘And The Ms. Aureate Fashion Icon 2019 is Ms. Jyoti Saini’ it was literally shocking. For me, it was a very big achievement”.

With modeling, Jyoti is well experienced in acting as well. She has part of Netflix’s series ‘Guilty‘ and got her first Bollywood break in the movie ‘Ujda Chaman’ with Panorama Production. Sharing her experience of acting Jyoti says,

“Somehow I grabbed the opportunity in Guilty web series in the climax scene. And, during the release of the web series, I was so happy that my connections recognized me in that web series and were sharing the screenshot with me and asking is this you? I was literally very happy. From that web series I got a chance to work in my very first Bollywood movie- Ujda Chaman. I got to play the character of a housemaid. It was so fun while shooting with the Panorama Production team and with the senior artist. I feel there is a lot more for me to achieve.”

Jyoti also revealed the personal achievements she got from modeling.

“I learned how to interact with people, how to walk, and how to represent myself in a better way. Every day I am working on myself to improve myself. I consider this as my biggest achievement in this field”

Jyoti describes modeling as a person for her.

“Modeling for me is a person with a role to showcase the best version of self. Where people can admire the other and gets inspiration to do something for themselves. To keep out the best version of them not only as a model but in what they are best in”.

One thing Jyoti believes in her life and prefer as her life mantra is

“My parents have always taught me to always give a try and never lose hope. If you win it will be good if you lose you will learn more. I believe in never regretting things that you cannot do because things happen for a good reason. Always count the blessings and good things you have”.

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