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“I always think that if you love something you have to keep it a priority,” Harsh Sharma

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“I always think that if you love something you have to keep it a priority,” Harsh Sharma

Meet Harsh Sharma whose dedication towards his career will inspire you to work hard in life. Harsh is the new talent in the modeling industry. He is a Jaipur-based model and software developer who has taken his passion very seriously and is hustling hard every day towards success. And he said I always think that if you love something you have to keep it a priority

Talking about how he started modeling, Harsh told that he is graduated from Thapar University Patiala with a Bachelor of Technology.

“When I got campus placement in Jaipur as a software developer,  it was always there in my mind that I have a good height and I take care of my physique in a very rigorous way. So during college body building became my passion. So people suggested to me that you should try modeling. But I wasn’t getting good opportunities back then. When I came to Jaipur, I met some people and gave some auditions. Then I joined the agency of Abhimanyu Singh Tomar and that is how my modeling journey started.”

Abhimanyu Singh Tomar‘s modeling agency named Style Skool represents Harsh as a model. Harsh till now, has worked with a lot of brands and designers. The main highlight of his modeling career is when he walked for Tarun Tilhiani at the Indian Couture Week 2019, at the Rajasthan Heritage Week, and with Falguni Shane Peacock.


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When asked about his hobbies and interest outside modeling, Harsh replied that he has done inter-college dance competitions and has learned music in school. So his interest other than modeling lies more in dancing and singing. However, he never took them seriously.

On asking Harsh how does he manages his time for both modeling and job, he told that initially, it was difficult for him. But gradually he learned how to manage time.

“When I started it became a little difficult to go to the office and do modeling. I was working in a firm where there were flexible working hours. So I use to finish my work well ahead of time and took some time out for my modeling assignments. Mostly I use to pick up assignments for weekends. Whenever I got any good opportunity on weekdays I use to take my laptop with me. I use to take sick leaves and paid leaves also for modeling.”

Harsh always keeps his modeling and job at the top of the priority list. He had a passion for modeling but did not want to do it full time as he had spent 4 years of hard work on his graduation. So, he decided to take both careers simultaneously. Elaborating more he says,

“I had spent time and effort on graduation and did not want it to go to waste. And when it comes to modeling it is my passion. Everyone has it. Usually, people say I have a passion for singing, dancing, or doing stand up but they don’t have time for it. I always think that if you love something you have to keep it a priority. So, I always kept this thing in priority because I always wanted to see myself on print hoardings and on cover pages of magazine.”

When it comes to idolizing someone, we all have that one person whose personality or aura just blows our minds. While discussing this, Harsh mentioned that he does not idolize someone from the modeling industry. Explaining it he says,

“I don’t idolize someone from the modeling industry because when I got into this field I did not know how it works. It’s in the process when I got into this, I learned how models work and how I should maintain my physique.

So I idolize Virat Kholi because somewhere I can relate to him. He is very focused and never gets distracted from his goal of achieving something.”


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Talking about the impact of social media on the modeling career of a person, Harsh said that it plays a very important role. One should decide whether they will use their account for professional work or for miscellaneous stuff.

“A creator before posting his content on social media should know whether it will be a professional account or a private account. As I am a professional model, and if you go through my profile, you will mostly see different projects. Different looks from my past. Also, if someone wants to hire me they will first see my social media. Because most of my work comes from Instagram these days.

I align my social media with every type of picture I have. These are things people learn, and I have learned. Previously, I had my pictures from college time which is also good. But now my account is my portfolio. In a way, I am selling my work on Instagram. A model should know how to use his social media wisely to get work opportunities.

Harsh does both advertisement shoots and as well as designer shoots. So when asked what is feasible in terms of money for his career, Harsh picked advertisement shoots. Adding to this he further told,

“In advertisement shoot, they already shortlist 5-10 people and from that, they just select only one. For example, I worked with the men grooming brand The Ustraa, they shortlisted many but only one was selected. Also, a big professional brand have a complete corporate structure. Things process in structured way keeping all the things in mind for example a model’s travel, stay and payment all these things are planned way before the actual day of shoot.

But usually it depends on model’s expereince aswell. Also, brand value both these things play a important role in how you will be paid after the job.


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Expressing his desire to work, Harsh says that he would love to work with Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi.

“There are many celebrity designers I would love to work with. But main are Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi. I have chosen them because I know my looks. Also, I have seen their models and I have similar looks. I wish I work with them soon.”

Harsh on his association with a social cause says,

“In my organization there is a club called Pariksha, in which we go to nearby villages. Because children there don’t have the privilege to study, go for coaching, nor career counselling session. We had a team in our office. So I use to go to villages in Rajasthan and teach students Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Also guide them to how to apply for IITs and what approach they should have.”

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