Sunday, October 1, 2023

Hrittika Guha Inspiring Modeling Story From flowing with the flow to finding her passion.

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From going by the flow to finding her passion, interviewing model Hrittika Guha revealed a lot of the bright and dark sides of the modeling industry. Hrittika Guha started her modeling career in 2016 with a beauty pageant named “Keya Seth’s Adwitiya”. She cleared the first round but she was unable to go ahead because of her age then. Hrittika Guha also revealed that she has faced instances of casting couch. During her initial years, she received a text message asking her to compromise to get the job. However, she completely ignored it and moved on.

On asking about managing shoots in the pandemic she says she misses set now.

”I miss my set than anyone can imagine in the era of the online working world. I am missing my make-up artist, and other crew members I use to work with.”

Q. Why did you choose modeling as a career?

”Coming from a Bengali family I never thought I will ever become a model. It all happened in a flow. My family always wanted me to become a teacher, dancer, anything but a model. However, since my childhood days, I use to play with my dupatta and pretend I was Miss India in front of the mirror. And then suddenly in 2016, I went for the auditions and made my way into the field and now it is my passion.”

Q. Tell us something that we would not know about your portfolio?

”I am not a very social person but people would not know that because I have to keep my profile updated by uploading my pictures on a regular basis.”


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Q. What is your weakness as a model that you are working on right now?

I am improving myself every day, I keep practicing different poses in different dresses on how I will portray myself in different kinds of clothes, as I don’t want to be monotonous.

Q. Hrittika Guha, you have achieved a gold medal in classical dancing, are there any plans to take it ahead professionally?

I have been dancing for the last 16 years, I also teach small children in an NGO. But, I have never thought of taking dancing as a profession as my only passion and profession is modeling.

Q. How was the experience of your biggest modeling achievement to date?

My biggest achievement to date is that I was offered a music album from Sony Music but my family did not support me. I was not alllowed to travel alone then, thus had to let that opportunity go.

Q. Have you ever broken a contract or confidentiality agreement?

I have never done this in my life, neither I have done any sort of unprofessionalism in my work with anybody on my set.

Q. How should one keep their mental peace in an industry that mostly works on the physical look?

I myself have gone through (body shaming) it. So, I know how it is but after sometime I gained confidence. Once, a make-up artist questioned me that ‘you are having so many patches on your hand, how are you in modeling with this’. Till that time, I had alot of experience of modeling and I answered her that if you want to continue the work you can, otherwise they leave because this is my strength and I will flaunt it beautifully you like it or not. Then I started taking it as a positive aspect and and things changed for me .

Q. The most difficult shoot you have ever gone through?

Yes, the time when I was shooting in hilly areas, the thought of falling down scares me the most.

Q. How do you wish to serve the nation through modeling?

I will try my best to uplift my society first, i.e I will try to work in Siliguri. The mentality of Bengali families about modeling is very wrong and I want to prove them wrong and respect this form of art. As I do think that one can make a really bright future in the field of modeling.

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