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Fashion Trends To Look Forward To In 2022

Fashion Trends to Look Forward to in 2022 Fashion is an ever-evolving term. While we are here still processing what happened 2 years ago, when the pandemic began, the fashion industry has taken leaps. Various trends have come in the wake of the pandemic. Various trends come and go but with each passing trend, everyone remains uncertain. We can never predict what will come to trend. Sometimes even the long-gone trends come back. With the new year 2022 coming ahead, new trends are also predicted to appear. Let’s have a look at the trends that you can look forward to in 2022.

Digital Prints

Digital prints are all about customization. Prints, colors, shape, the size everything brought together is digital printing. These have lately been seen all over social media. Digital prints make any look effortless yet elegant. These prints enhance any outfit, be it a dress, a jumpsuit, or even ethnic wear. These are more like fusion wear expected to be a moving trend in 2022.


Just as it looks, it feels. Comfortable and you. Streetwear is anything from baggy jeans and t-shirt to anything that makes you feel good. It is completely how you want to show you are on your own terms. Sweatshirts, jackets, pieces of denim, or even a kurta with a pair of flare jeans. Therefore, this is a much-predicted trend for the coming year as it speaks comfort and confidence.


These outfits scream weekend vibes. Since comfort is all that, we look for in every outfit these days, a pair of sweatpants or even shorts with a t-shirt. Relaxed fits and flowing fabrics, perform the task perfectly for work as well as for Netflix and chill. As most of the companies have shifted to work from home, loungewear is anticipated to stay for a major part of the year 2022.

Coats and trousers

Oversized coats have been a look lately. Color blocking is also trending. When brought these two together, they make a great pair. Neutral shades of oversized coats and a pair of trousers make a perfect look for a casual lunch, or dinner, and even work. Add a pop of color and the look turns heads. However, all it takes is to know how to style it. Many social media influencers have already taken over the look.

Pearls and beads

Pearls and beads are forever classics and are not just limited to jewelry. Clothes that have pearls and beads on them make them stand out. Apart from clothes, pearls have also lately been seen on nail art, men’s necklaces, and everything that comes in-between. It is anticipated that in 2022 pearls will take a leap and become a loved trend among all age groups. This trend is specifically more enticing because it cuts off all gender barriers. Men’s neckwear is more than prominent and expected to make a huge success in breaking gender norms.

Trends are a never stopping surge. As time changes so do the trends. As the year ends so does a few fashion trends. But it is definitely sure that with the new year will come new fashion trends. Some of these may make a comeback and some may never be seen. With WMH- India you can keep yourself updated on the latest trends and insights of the fashion industry. Therefore, what we presume is, that 2022 will have a few fashion trends to look up to. Stay tuned for more!

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