Sunday, September 24, 2023

Ayashkant Ashish “I Never Let People’s Negative Opinion Demoralise Me”,

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It is known to all, how charming this fashion industry is. Many dreams of being part of it. Likewise, our model Ayashkant Ashish from Haldwani, Uttarakhand had the same dream.

From class 8th he was quite interested in modeling. He never thought that this interest will become his passion and dream. He began his journey when he was in 3rd year of college. Now he has been modeling professionally for the past year. Moreover, he is also an architect by profession.

“I always used to watch fashion shows on television when I was a teen. I then started to follow these models. They way they walk, talk and their clothing style. Eventually, I gained interest and I took step towards modeling from the 3rd year of my college.”

His family has been always supportive from the very beginning. They supported him in his decision and also advised him to complete his architecture studies, to be financially independent in the future.

“My family supported me a lot. Every step of my life, they were with me, motivating every time. Even they advised me to do further studies so that I can be financially independent in the future. It is quite important to have a strong base.”


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As Ayashkant Ashish started his career during the pandemic, it was very difficult. He was not getting any calls or replies from companies. That was the most struggling time for him.

“It was quite sad for me at that time. I was not getting replies from any companies due to the pandemic. I worked hard to build my social media and learned the strategies to build up my profile.”

While talking about negative opinions and being diffident, he shared his experience,

“I was demoralized by many of my colleagues and friends saying that this industry is not for me. Or I am not apt for this profession. Even they joked about me. But, my true friends and family never left my side and always motivated me.

Within one year of modeling, his first show was for Pro Fashion Week for the GK Studio brand in Noida. Along with that, he did a couple of brand shoots for brands like Blue Nectar. Also, he did a print shoot for Mypencildotcom Magazine and has worked with 9xm Jalwa. He is also keener to work in web series and movies in the future.


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A post shared by Ayashkant Ashish (@ayashkant_99)

Social media has been quite impactful in his initial stage. He learned a lot from bloggers and also took grooming classes from PR companies to brush up on his skills.

“It was quite helpful for me, seeing bloggers, PR companies and learning from them about grooming and styling. I am still learning and working hard on it.”

Apart from modeling, Ayashkant Ashish loves to play Casio and Panio. He also competed in State Level Swimming as well. He is never really bothered about what people will say, he is taking small steps every day toward his dream of being successful.

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