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Amandeep Singh “If you believe in yourself, you can achieve whatever you want”.

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Amandeep Singh hails from the small town of Odisha named Barbil. Amandeep singh started his modeling career at the early age of 16 in 2015. He was in his 12th standard when he made his entry into the modeling industry. Amandeep lives with only one desire in life is to keep his mother smiling. He lost his father when he was 20. The demise of his father put the total responsibility of his family on his shoulders. Then, he decided to pursue modeling. He did not know much about modeling yet the urge to explore modeling was always within him. He started researching and working on it at the same time. Fortunately, he achieved his first ramp walk in Mr. Teen Global India 2016. Hence, that was the start of his modeling journey.

I started my modeling career in 2015. One evening I saw one of my friends doing this (modeling) and suddenly I was interested in that. I collected money somehow and did the shoot. Then I researched about it. Although my family condition was not good. I had lost my father. But still, I did not wish to leave the dream I just started working on it. So, I continued working on it and got the opportunity in Mr. Teen Global India 2016.


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Aman hails from a very small town Barbil where art like modeling is not that significant. Although, Aman considers himself fortuitous for his family’s support which helped him grow further in this field.

Coming from a small town like Barbil and making your identity in this industry is not less than any difficulty. Here, people do not value modeling that much. But I am very fortunate to have my family’s and mother’s back always with me. That motivated me to work and achieve new projects back to back.

Moreover, throwing some light on social media, Amandeep apprised about the significance of maintaining social media for models.

A model should always maintain his or her social media. It plays a very important role in our life. It is a platform for us that comes with a variety of opportunities.

Amandeep started his career at Mr. Teen Global India in 2016. Then we walked the ramp for Mr. Bhubaneswar 2017. It was just the beginning and he achieved the title of Mr. Fashion star 2018. Afterward, he got the opportunity of walking the ramp for MTV Style Superstar 2018 and India’s Supermodel 2018. The biggest accomplishment of his life was walking the ramp for Mr. India Asia Popular 2018.  Then in December 2020, he won Rourkela Film Festival Award. All these achievements were full of hurdles. Moreover, Amandeep started print modeling where he worked with famous designers like Paramveer Sokhi, Jeet signature by Jeet Jagjit, Mukesh DubeyWalter PeterRamoliPosh affairBiseswer Paul.

In my initial years, I lost my father and then there was a big question mark on doing modeling. As I was responsible for of my mother and my sister as well. I joined a company but was not able to give my best there. Gradually, I realized I do not belong to this place. I worked again on modeling and got back to back offers. The best achievement I got in my ramp modeling was Mr. India Asia Popular 2018. I learned a lot from that.

Moreover, Aman shared about the toughest shoot he ever faced in his life.

The toughest shoot I performed as a model was one of the exotic group shoots. There were both boys and girls. It was with designer Allie Sharma. However, there was one more shoot I performed in Bhubaneswar where I was loaded with different kinds of jewelry in the middle of the streets. I was asked by my team to be comfortable and pose. The enitire crowd had their eyes on me, still being a model I concentrated on my performance and made it through.

Aman has also tried his luck in acting. He revealed that he is part of web series which will probably be releasing next month on MX Player.

I have performed as an actor in a web series. The editing and all are completed. The team is expecting it to release by next month on MX player.

The modeling industry is full of good and bad things. Aman wants to bring changes to those bad things.

Whenever a fresher enters the modeling industry, he or she is asked to compromise at first. Not always but this is something that often happens. I have been asked a lot of times to compromise to get shows. However, if one is sensible, he/she would deny the opportunity but some people go in that mud and give motivation to such people. If I get a chance, I would surely try abolishing such things from my industry.

Financial stability is a basic need in every field and the same goes with modeling. While sharing his views on this Aman told us,

“It totally depends on the kind of work you do here. When you enter the industry you will have to invest a good amount of money in your portfolio. There are times when a model is asked to walk the ramp for free. So as much as you work and improve yourself, your income keeps on improving.

To Aman, success is seeing his parents smile.

For me, success is bringing a smile to my parent’s faces. As I have already lost my father, so now for me my success is my mother’s smile. If she is happy and healthy,that means I am successful in life.

Ending the conversation, Amandeep added

“If you believe in yourself, you can achieve whatever you want”.

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