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Abhilasha Rai is hustling hard to achieve everything she dreams of

Abhilasha Rai is a young 21-year-old model from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. She dreamt of becoming a model and winning a beauty pageant since she was a child. Also, for the side hustle, she has done diploma in mass communication. Currently, she is studying Medicine in Ukraine, and in the next three years, she will be a certified doctor. This young beautiful soul aspires to become Miss World someday and is trying hard to reach that stage in her life. She had a lot to tell us about her aspirations in life when we interviewed her. Let us see what she had to say.


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Talking about how Abhilasha Rai got into modeling, She told that she was always into modeling. Also, she had a dream of becoming Miss World since she was a child. Her modeling journey started in 2015 with Miss Teen India. When she participated in the pageant that’s when Abhilasha Rai realized her true potential. 

“The feeling that I got was just overwhelming. I was always a stage person, outspoken person, very bubbly kind of a person, so when I was standing on that stage, that is when I could feel that this is it. This is life, this is what you want, this what you have to do.”

Her initial journey was a coaster ride. What Abhilasha learned from that pageant actually changed her life. She learned different aspects of modeling as well. That’s what is helping her now to get different projects, shoots, etc.

“My initial journey, when I got into modeling, it was a little confusing, a little fun, a little difficult. It was roller coaster of emotions and a mix of everything. There is alot to learn”

Abhilasha revealed that she will be applying for Liva Miss Diva 2021. Modeling is her aim as she wants to get into the industry. Abhilasha comes from a family where everyone is a doctor. Also, the main reason for her pursuing medicine along with modeling is that she feels that it is not bad to have a Plan B in your life. Abhilasha told that her family is very supportive of her decision to pursue modeling. Also, she was sixteen when she participated in Miss Teen. Her parents were a little skeptical and scared about how is she going to manage.

“I understand how hard it is for women to get where they want in a country like India. But I am blessed to have supportive parents. I did not have any major issue when I told them that I am into modeling or that I want to win a Pageant. They told me, tum jao lekin acche se kro (you go and do it well). I can’t explain how blessed I feel.”

When asked about Abhilasha’s biggest influence in her life, she mentioned that it has always been her parents who supported her and motivated her to do better in life. It has been a collective effort of everyone in her family.

“My family used to come to me with different projects. ‘Ki Abhilasha Rai dekho kaise karna hai, kya karna hai’, They used to tell me different things. That round table converstation which happen in very family is the biggest influence in my life.”

While discussing her first project, Abhilasha Rai said that it was a shoot for a music video with Algol Productions. The song was the recreation of the famous song “Tu Shayar Hai”. During the shoot, she discovered a lot of things about herself.

“It was really fun but it was difficult at the same time as I had to shoot for 18 hours straight without rest. I mean I did not even had time to eat. It was so hectic but it was so fun working with such a huge team. Because in shoots the team is different but in song shoots there are so many people. Mujhe uss project ke baad se ek nasha sa hogya, kaam se pyaar hogya bss. (From that project I became addicted to my work, and fell in love with it)”

Abhilasha shared that she is going to be a doctor in the next 3 years which is for sure. Also, she keeps striving every day. Abhilasha Rai takes her inspiration from the late model and flight attendant, Neerja Bhanot. She sacrificed her life while saving the passengers when the flight was hijacked by terrorists in Karachi, Pakistan. Her journey inspires her to become better.

“Her story tells ki aap karm kro fal apko apne aap milega (Do your duty without expecting anything in return). Today the whole nation knows her because of what she did. Her journey has inspired me so much. She had the choice of her life but she chose to help. Her personality inspires me so much to do better every single day.”

Abhilasha Rai has asked every aspiring model to be patient. Also, there is struggle everywhere but patience is the only thing. All you need to do is to believe in yourself.

“Be patient. Things will come to you when you are working for something, you are giving all your efforts, all your energy, you are giving all your passion, thing will come. Don’t let rejections get to you. You are worth it and you have to know this.

Abhilasha Rai mentioned that there were not any major struggles initially, but going through the process is difficult. She was perplexed and a little lost initially.

“I did not know what I have to do and how I have to do. These were the only struggles I faced. But I loved my work so much that going through the struggles was not a big deal”.

Abhilasha keeps herself motivated by researching other people who are on a modeling journey and trying to learn from them.

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