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Aarush Shrivastav – “I hope someday I can make my dad proud.”

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All dreams come true if you have the courage to pursue them. One such example is Aarush Shrivastav who was an athlete but his dreams of becoming a model and acting are coming true with the courage he had. Aarush is one of the successful models in the industry. Aarush started his journey in the year 2017 by winning the title of Mr. India. After which he came to Mumbai to give wings to his dreams. Aarush will be making his television debut with the famous show Pavitra Rishta Season 2. Let us know what he has to tell about his journey of modeling and acting.

Talking about his initial journey Aarush Shrivastav mentioned that he is very grateful and fortunate. Also, his journey till now has been amazing. In the career span of 5 years, Aarush Shrivastav has done more than 150 shows.

“Within the year only, I have worked for the brands like Reliance, Raymonds, Park Avenue, Shopper Stop. I have worked for famous desingers like Manish Malhotra, Rohit Bal, Vikram Phadnis, and Payal Singhal. I also did a lot of campaigns for many big designers. And, I did 3-4 music albums 2 for ZEE music and one for T-Series.”

When asked about how he dealt with rejections, Aarush said that before coming to the industry he prepared himself mentally. Also, Aarush Shrivastav has been a sportsperson and he was a national-level player from Madhya Pradesh. He has played many sports like badminton, cricket, and many adventure sports. So, when he came to Mumbai, Aarush gave himself 1 year’s time and in that one year, he tried to do everything possible.

“It was always in my mind that if I ever face rejections then it’s fine but I will not give up. The rejections that I faced in Mumbai have made me strong. But I never gave up.”

While discussing further, Aarush Shrivastav poured some love towards his father. And, told that his father is the biggest influence in his life. Also, Aarush Shrivastav feels very grateful to him as his father always motivated him to follow his dreams and never give up. His father is the only one Aarush admires the most in his life.

“The one thing I have learnt from my dad is that we all get to live life once, so let’s make it worth remembering. And, I hope someday I can make my dad proud.”

Aarush Shrivastav decided to do acting when he was cast for a small role in the movie “Zero” alongside superstar Shah Rukh Khan. Shah Rukh Khan’s personality and the aura he possesses influenced Aarush to never give up on his dreams.

“I was very inspired by his body language, and everything. Then and there I decided that I really want to be an actor. His hard work influenced me, and I decided, yes I will also work hard for acting and will take workshops.”

Aarush Shrivastav also revealed that he has played a lead role in the movie “Honeymoon 2” which will release on an OTT platform. In the movie, he worked with famous theater artist Manoj Joshi. So, he is not taking any pressure on being a part of Pavitra Rishta as of now. Aarush Shrivastav also talked about his preparation for the show.

“I am pretty excited for this project and this will be my first project with Ekta Kapoor. If I talk about my preparations right now, I am just going through the script, reading it and mugging up. Baki hum set par dekhenge (Rest I will see on the set) because it totally depends upon the descriptions of the director, how he exactly wants the scene. Because, there is a lot of ways of doing a scene, n number of ways of doing a scene. So if I will freeze myself into one way then it would be difficult for me to come out of that scene.”

Talking about how Aarush was approached, he told that he was in touch with the casting director and he asked for the audition. He gave the audition and within one week Aarush was finalized was the role. Aarush Shrivastav also expressed his excitement to work with Ekta Kapoor. Also, he thinks that this show will somewhere boost his career.

“I am fortunate that I am playing a character which is associated with Sushant Singh Rajput. So I feel very blessed and kahin na kahin mei apne aap ko bahaut lucky manta hun (I feel I am lucky, someway or the other) ”

For aspiring models, Aarush Shrivastav said if anyone wants to get into acting then the only way is to get in touch with the casting director. Also, all the details are available on the internet, then visit them. And, that is the only way to grab any opportunities in Mumbai. The advice he gives aspiring people is they should do things that interest them. Because, acting is not easy, if a person is good at modeling then they should stick to modeling.

If you are an model then work on your personality, and just groom yourself. And, if you are an actor then approach any casting director, be in touch with good company, good production houses, then work on your acting skills. Body does not matter in acting.

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