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Getting published in a magazine helps with your modeling career

Getting published in a magazine helps with your modeling career. If you want to fill your calendar with dream clients and not need to worry about where your next job will come from then you should consider getting featured and published.

It is not as hard as you might think. When you first begin this journey, you don’t have any connections or advertisers or the money to hire people to do so for you. To make it in this field you need to be able to stand out and be unique.  

What makes your submissions stand out the best? 

It might help if you think l like an editor and editors are looking for the latest trends and unique one-of-a-kind details. Essentially things that are going to inspire their audience. So, when submitting you should look for the most interesting angle to pitch yourself from and lead with that.  

Find the ONE 

Find the magazine that fits your style and aesthetics that you enjoy. There are a ton of different fashion and beauty magazines. All of them do not have the same style, they are not looking for the same type of content. Some of the magazines do themes for certain issues and so forth they need you to follow that.

You can find lists online that tell you about the magazines that accept submissions. You can also find multiple sites where several magazines are registered, and you can go on them to submit directly online.  

Submission guidelines

Once you’ve found the magazines that you like, that fit your style and your aesthetic, and the type of work that you do, you then want to check their submission guidelines. Not all magazines are the same. Some prefer jpeg’s submitting, some prefer wardrobe critics when submitting, and some do not accept zip files. So, keep in mind all these things and follow their submission guideline carefully

Pull letter

At this point when you’ve picked your magazines, you’ve read their guidelines, it’s time to go for your photo shoot. You can contact the editor to ask for the pull letter. The pull letter is a letter for your wardrobe stylist to be able to put together a certain type of clothing for your shoot. The pull letter can help you get better clothing and accessories from certain designers. 

Time to submit

So, you’ve finished off your editorial, your credits are there, photos are there, everything is ready, and now it’s time to submit to the list of issues of magazines. If you have chosen a magazine that does not accept exclusive submissions through a site, then you must go through the process of submitting it yourself via email.


When you’re submitting via email to the specific magazine and you’re unsure of the gender of the person at the receiving end then do not address them as sir or madam. This might seem a very insignificant detail but may make a dent in your initial impression.

Instead, address it to the magazine name and team. Also, if you’re going to send your submissions to a few magazines at the same time, then be smart about it and do not cc all in the same email publicly. This might be harmful to you because when you get replies from the magazines that you cc’ed in the same email, every magazine can read those replies as well.  

Accepted or not

Next is going to be hearing back or not hearing back from the magazines that you sent to. If you have not heard anything back within one week, chances are that they were not interested in your editorial.

Some may go up to two weeks but that’s it. If you are curious, you can contact the magazine again, or email them, asking why your submission wasn’t accepted. Some may reply, some may not.  


It is always a fun thing to do when you get your email back that your submission was accepted and will be published. Depending on when the issue is going to come out, during that time neither you nor your team should post any of those pictures anywhere.

Certainly, do not publish it if it was accepted by a magazine before the magazine launches. They might pull it and might not accept anything from you ever again and you do not want that.  

Do you get a magazine?

This varies per magazine. Some magazines do not give a print copy at all. A lot of demand magazines necessarily do not do this because their magazines are printed when someone orders one. If you want a print issue and you demand that, then make sure that the magazine delivers that.

Don’t be surprised at the end if you don’t get one and they don’t offer that. You can buy it yourself. Know what your demands are and know what the magazine sends out and make your submission decisions based on that.  

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