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Tips To Organize Your Wardrobe


There are days when you open your closet and all you see is a mess. Happens, right? Or you just do not get what you are looking for and fall short of time, again and again. Well, this is one of the reasons, why one should be organized in life. Having a good, clean, and organized closet will help you start away with a good morning without anything adding breaks to your morning routine.

Here are a few tips to organize your wardrobe which will help you create space and organize your items in your wardrobe. So do not worry about your dress in wrinkles or the top you lost last month! Dig in and work on the process.

Clean, literally

The first and foremost thing that you should do is to clean your wardrobe, literally. Take out each and everything from there and leave it empty. You may feel restless looking at all those messy piles but trust the process!


Here comes the magic step, divide categories. Stack your clothes and other items in those divided categories. Sort them –

According to the season

Stack your clothes according to seasons. Keep your woolens separate from your thin shirts, full sleeves separate from halves, and so on. Make sure to stack them according to the weather. It makes it really easy to have access to the appropriate weather clothes. Also, keep the clothes you wear frequently in a place that is easily accessible. Namely, in the front! Keep the least frequent wears in the upper shelf, if you have one.

According to the cloth type

Make separate piles for the clothes you wear outside and those you wear at home. Make different stacks of night suits and innerwear. Keep your tops away from jeans and sort accordingly. This will make it easy as you now know where the upper wear is and so on!

Sleeves and lengths

You can also stack them in increasing order of sleeves or lengths. This will help you utilize the vertical space of your wardrobe. It will also add a clean look to your closet.


Stack jeans and woolens in separate piles. These are some rigid items that get stacked properly and remain intact. 

Sort further

Sort your clothes in another way too. Namely – Keep, Sell, Donate and Throw.

If some of your items are in really good shape but you do not want them, you can sell them on a platform or even donate them. And if they are in too bad condition and cannot be repaired, throw them!

In this way, keep cleaning your closet regularly so that there is no unnecessary piling, and your storage is clean!

A small tip – Refrain from buying things impulsively. It can lead to unnecessary piling.

Storage hacks!

Invest in some goodies. To create a well-arranged space, you can have these items.


It is good to have hangers to accommodate a good amount of clothes in a small space! It will also help you utilize the vertical space in your cupboard! If you have a big space, then you can hang your T-shirts in there too. But if you have limited space, it is advised to use hangers for clothes that get easily creased, delicate tops, blazers, etc. Hangers are the best for storing sarees and kurtas.

A small tip – Pin up the sleeve of your kurta together so that the fold does not get opened.

 Step up stool

If you have upper shelves, this is a must-have. This will make it easy for you to have access to those shelves. This way you would not forget the items up there!

Storage boxes and baskets

Transparent stores will help you see what you have stored in them. You can use them to store your accessories or your shoes or even innerwear! This will also help you reduce space in your closet. Keep your jewelry, bangles, bindis, and whatnot, you will find them easily. Forget rummaging into your drawers now!

Hooks or stands

To make an effective space, it is good to have one of these. You can hang your belts or scarves or keep your makeup products or anything in them. A clean space indeed!

Store your soft clothes, like pajamas and cotton t-shirts, rolled in drawers or boxes. It will save up space. Similarly, you can store your undergarments.

A small tip –  Store these items with small divisions in between so that they remain organized.

In conclusion, being organized will help you live simply and prevent uninvited chaos. Have a cleaning schedule either at the end of the month or a season or even a year. It will help you find your ‘lost’ pieces and save a lot of your time. Being messy can attract negative energy, so be clean and stay organized!

Happy Organizing!


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