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Is Fashion All About Clothes and Makeup?


Fact check, the fashion industry is all about beauty and glamour. Makeup, a unique and powerful tool that enhances our features and gives us a whole new look. From bold to chic, pretty to soft, makeup does magic to your skin. Clothes and makeup surely have a huge role in the fashion industry. In fact, they are an integral part of it! Dressing up with a touch of makeup to flaunt boldness and radiate confident energy is fashion. But hiding your insecurities is not. With social media coming into play and celebrities inspiring, not everything goes its way, sometimes it degrades.

Nervous fidgets

‘Why am I this way?’, ‘I do not look good.’, ‘Why am I not like them?’, with these thoughts consuming our mind, it is natural to fall into a rut under these make beliefs. Beliefs that make you feel underconfident, kick you into a pit of doubt, and insecurities brim over your head. It is now time to sit back and think, what exactly is fashion? And is it all about beauty, branded clothes, and makeup?

‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.’

While the world keeps appreciating beauty on the basis of physical traits and aesthetic feels, we really need to look up and see that no, fashion and beauty are not all about makeup and clothes. They have a bigger circle and aspects related to it. Beauty is a form of pleasure, an art, and fashion is all about art.

The basics – Positivity

Try defining fashion. It is about what you wear and how you carry it. You must realize while reading this that fashion is indeed personal, a personal form of art. Yes, clothing is indeed a necessary part of fashion, but it is not just about your clothes, it is about your confidence, attitude, and body language which makes you slay the outfit!

Do not let branded, designer clothes and accessories define your beauty.

Fashion and confidence are like best friends. They both are good on their own but seem to be the best when they are together. There are people who do not invest in their wardrobe. What must be the reason? Maybe they cannot afford much on clothes or maybe they are simply not interested. But they still look confident, clean, and happy. Ever wonder why? Confidence and comfort are the answer. The key point is to avoid clothes which make you feel uncomfortable. It has a direct negative impact on your charisma and the aura you hold and makes you look stuffy, underconfident, stressed, fidgety and nervous. So, settle for your taste, something you feel comfortable in. You can further add spices to your own accord!

Embracing your truth

The key point is that in order to look good, you need to feel good!

Reiterating, fashion is not all about clothes and makeup and will never be. It is the small things that matter. For instance, polished shoes, an ironed shirt, well-combed hair, and a smiling face, improve your self-esteem and confidence.

Do not fade away in the perception of what others see you. Be your own queen. Dress royal to your own accord.

Comfort is the future of fashion. Not only does the concept make you feel comfy, but also adheres to breaking the stereotypes and respecting body image as a whole. For instance, flared pants, oversized clothing, joggers are inclusive and comfortable. They for sure help in boosting our confidence. Most importantly, they make us feel happy and content.

Self-expression in clothing

Reiterating, many people believe fashion is all about branded and designer clothes and caked-up makeup. But no. Wearing the right clothes, in a way that complements you and your image, makes you a fashionable person. It is about your personal style, taste, and preference. Have clothes that represent you. And remember to dress for yourself, be creative and go simple!

Final Touches

Step up to break the convention, it is your style that matters. It is a long time process but is for sure a healing one. So collect little bits and beautiful pieces of yourself over this time. In conclusion, take your time and explore. But remember, the main priority should be in what your taste is, what makes you feel empowered and confident.


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