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There must be days when you would want to restlessly check the weighing machine. Or you stand in front of the mirror and feel disappointed. Stop right there, take a deep breath. You are not alone. The study says, there are more than 45% men and 70% women, who are dissatisfied with their bodies. Realize that feeling this way is totally okay.

Fact check- You cannot immediately feel positive about your body, it is a long process, it takes care, time, and effort. There are days when you feel so disappointed that you forget all things your body does for you. Digesting, walking, breathing, smiling, there are so Be(you)tiful things that we do daily, but the thought of disappointment masks the positive feeling as a whole. Your body is not there to look nice. It is a machine, your vehicle to experience a Be(you)tiful journey which in the end is called life.

Constant disappointment and dissatisfaction eventually turn toxic, so it is really important to practice body positivity.

What is Body positivity?

It is an idea that every person in this sphere deserves to be positive about their body image, and appreciate themselves, regardless of the tags put by society. This movement literates that there is no such ideal size, shape, sexuality, or appearance. Nor gender, disability, race, or color.

It is for accepting who you are, and not what you should be.

Here are a few tips handpicked out of the golden box to make you realize that your bodies are gemstones, not curses.

Do yourself a favor, stop comparing.

She is Be(you)tiful, and I am too. This is how it should be, right? There is no one way to be Be(you)tiful, everyone has little perfections and imperfections. So, stop comparing yourself. You are you, you should not try to be them. So, love yourself for being you. Comparing will only snatch away your happiness, confidence, and comfort, it does nothing good to you. So have a big glass of water, and work for a better relationship with yourself.

Being skinny is not the answer – Talk healthy

Do not aim to be slim. In other words, not all slim people are happy. Your main goal is to be happy in your skin, and that is what you will do. Being physically healthy makes you mentally fit too. So, throw away the idea of going on severe diets and workouts. Get rid of the scales and focus on yourself. Start slow, it is a very delicate process, be careful. After all, get those nutrients, have a balanced diet, and exercise. Remember not to strain yourself, it is a slow process, a type of healing.

Practice Affirmations

The most basic and effective way is to practice positive affirmations. Take self-love seriously, say it out loud, speak it often, realize your body, be grateful. Try sticking notes and writing cute affirmations on the walls and mirrors. These little encouragements and mantras will therefore make you love yourself a little more.


Discover and Focus on your goods

Surround yourself with positivity. Be it your favorite podcast or playlist of upbeat songs, feel positive and happy. Observe yourself and list down what you like. Try summing up these qualities and appreciate them. You will then see yourself in a different light. Forget the distractions and do not dare to overlook your goods. You are a God’s sculpture; you are bound to be Be(you)tiful.

In addition, practice self-care! Above all, give yourself small rewards to make you feel good about yourself. After that, have a tiny walk or a warm bubble bath.

Realize that the true beauty lies within, outward is just appearance.

Put an end to negative self-talk

Treat yourself well. If you do not say something to your friends, then do not say it to yourself too. Too much negative self-talk is harmful. Take time, find your positives, and feel good about it. Similarly, you do not deserve verbal abuse. Change your way of thinking, try to twist negatives into positives. The result will be happy.

Grow into accepting compliments! Do not shy away, you deserve them!

Remember not to torture yourself. Do not pile up clothes and loathe how you cannot fit into them. Donate them and buy the ones you are comfortable in. It is a process of accepting yourself, you should not compromise. Be comfortable and choose the best fit for your body.

Take a step, forgive yourself

Size does not matter.

 In conclusion, do not waste your time worrying about what you should be. Learn to accept yourself. You deserve all the love, appreciation, and respect. And it all starts with yourself. Therefore, treat yourself the way everyone should be, you are a precious soul too. And remember that feeling good about your appearance and body is not easy. So, feel free to reach out.

Step up for yourself, spread all the love!

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