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Hardwork is the only way to success, Anjum Varis, Mr. India 2018

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Anjum completed his MBA in the year 2013, after which his interests brought him to the modeling industry. He worked in Dubai in a corporate job. After which in 2016, he came to know about a pageant show in India that was Mr. Delhi. This was his first initial step as a model in the modeling industry. In which he won the title of Mr. Delhi in the year 2017. 

He has also worked with prominent singers like Deeprag in a music video, opposite Gauhar khanAnjum has also worked as an international fashion model in Europe. In 2018, he participated in Mr. India, where he got the title of Masters of Misters. He will be visiting Miami soon as a representative of India. Competing with 57 other countries for Masters of misters as Mr. world.

When asked about the different shoots he had been to, Anjum said,

I have worked with renowned brands and companies like Myntra, amazon, Beardo, Body Shop, and many others. I have also worked on around 7 to 8 different Punjabi songs.

Anjum has different hobbies and interests, he likes interacting with new people, traveling, exploring new places, and singing. 

When asked about challenges and criticism, Anjum says,

I was lucky enough that I didn’t face any challenges as such. I also got opportunities to prove myself because I met good people in the industry. The only difficulty I faced was compromise, and I worked with good brands. 

The main difficulty was that my family and friends thought I could not work in it. But, when my mother saw my posters working with renowned brands they were very happy. 

Anjum never faced any challenges and difficulties in his shoots, he says as he was always very passionate about modeling. The only pressure he faced was about time as he had regular shoots. 

Asking about his views on the modeling industry, Anjum adds, 

I am very passionate and keen about my shoots and modeling. Hard work is the only way to your success. Showing tantrums can never help anyone. 

Sharing his experience of participating in Mr. India, Anjum told during his event he was tensed about wining the event seeing his competitors in which he called his mother for guidance. After which, he excelled in the event and won the title of Mr. India. 

When asked about his biggest challenge when he entered the modeling industry. Anjum replied with trust, as he did not have any contacts with anyone in the industry.

Anjum has started his own company named Zio, in which they help aspiring models get ready for pageants. He also told that he wanted to provide a bigger platform for new models to help them with modeling.

When asked about the fashion designers he wants to work with within the industry, he told he likes the work of Sabyasachi and would like to work with him and Manish Malhotra.

Anjum has also worked in a campaign for saving the girl child. In which they went to villages and made people aware of the fact that both girls and boys are equally important. As Anjum himself has two sisters he says girls are indeed much better than boys.

Anjum has also worked with many International Models and many other prominent models, he has also walked in different ramp walks.


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