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Gather Around The TV Everyone, It Is The Holiday Season!

Gather Around the TV Everyone, It Is the Holiday Season! At last, the season to be merry, happy, and jolly; the month of December is finally here! The time has finally come to celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, and of course, the new year! People worldwide can finally enjoy a peaceful, relaxing vacation after a long year’s work. It is also a time when you can spend quality time with your friends and family.

So, if your vacation plans are to snuggle up in your warm blanket and drink hot chocolate, then what is a better way to savor the moment than by watching holiday-themed movies? Lift your holiday spirits up by watching some of the best holiday movies, surrounded by the warmth of your loved ones. From the all-time classics to the newest movies on Netflix, here is a list of holiday movies that will surely give you all the warm feels.

Starting off with the Classics

If you are a lover of classic movies, these classic holiday movies should definitely be on your list. But, of course, some are black and white, and some in color. Nevertheless, it is the perfect opportunity to walk down memory lane yourself and show the younger ones in the family the classic holiday movies!

A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story will surely take you way back in time. A 1983 classic, this beloved movie is about a young boy wanting to enjoy Christmas with his family. It is a delightful movie that will keep you smiling.

I’ll Be Home for Christmas

A classic teenager story, I’ll Be Home for Christmas is about a teenager, desperate to get his dad’s car-but he needs to get home for Christmas! Enjoy this 1998 movie with nostalgia and comedy.

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol probably has the most adaptations in media, ever. However, nothing can beat the 1984 movie version of the evergreen Christmas novel, starring George C. Scott as Scrooge. Follow Scrooge as he learns about the true meaning of Christmas.

It Happened on 5th Avenue

This movie can certainly be a Christmas classic. Two men move into a mansion while the mansion’s owner is on vacation! With a lot of lessons to learn from, It Happened on 5th Avenue is a classic movie with humor, wit, and music.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

All of us know the Grinch and his evil ways of ruining Christmas- but the citizens of Whoville will not let that happen! How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a 2000s classic, starring Jim Carry as the Grinch. A must-watch in the holiday season indeed.

Animated holiday movies you cannot miss out on!

What is a family-friendly holiday without some animated movies to get you in the Christmas mood! Unlike popular belief, animated films are not just for kids- everyone can enjoy watching Rudolf in the snow or Elsa singing Let it Go! So grab your little ones on the couch and sit back to enjoy some of the most beautiful animated movies ever made. 

Arthur Christmas

A whimsical and witty story, Arthur Christmas tracks the adventure of how Santa’s young successor saves Christmas! Arthur has to save Christmas by fixing his mistake just before Christmas morning. Indeed, this movie will bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer

This classic 1964 movie would make anyone feel warm and nostalgic! So sit back and let the oddball reindeer Rudolf and his misfit friends try and help an island of toys just like them. This movie takes you back to the times of claymation, even before animation!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

One of the most beloved Christmas movies of all time, The Nightmare Before Christmas blends Halloween and Christmas! Follow Jack Skellington as he discovers the warmth of Christmas and his sneaky plans to take over the holiday.

Wolf Children (Anime)

Get ready to use a big box of tissues- because Wolf Children will make you ugly cry! This Japanese movie follows the journey of Hana, who has to raise her half-wolf children alone. Although the movie does not have Christmas elements, its beautiful winter theme will captivate your heart.


Frozen can be called a modern-day classic, where you and your family can get to enjoy the touching tale of two sisters, Elsa and Anna. Join them on their classic Disney adventure, along with some catchy and unforgettable songs and beautiful animation. 

Romantic movies are on their way to lift your holiday spirits!

Ah, to enjoy a good holiday movie with your partner snuggled up beside you. Holiday romantic comedy movies are certainly some of the best movies ever made. With their sweet and loving vibes, they are sure to put you in the best Christmas mood! So, check out some of the classic holiday rom coms, because a little romance can make things a little more special with your partner.

The Holiday

A feel-good movie about two lovesick girls who find love in the holidays in a foreign world, The Holiday is a romcom fit for watching with your own loved ones. Plus, who can miss a movie with a fantastic cast!


This lighthearted and comedic love story is sure to provide its viewers with some hearty laughs as well as the feels for romance! Follow Johnathan and Sara as they fight the battle between love at first sight and destined love in Serendipity.

Last Christmas

If you’re in the mood to be transported to a magical city filled to the brim with romance and Younglove, Last Christmas has got you covered! Watch the frustrated Kate’s life flip upside down as she falls in love with the dreamy Tom in the busy city of London.

Love Hard

This new 2021 movie brings a novel approach to loving during the holidays. Love Hard follows the story of Natalie, who finds her match on an online dating app. But, will she indeed find her perfect match as she finally decides to meet him on Christmas? 

A Very Merry Mix-Up

A Very Merry Mix-Up is a silly and comedic movie taking a look at the life of Alice. She is preparing to meet her in-laws for the holidays, but she ends up at the wrong house in a chaotic turn of events! However, something unexpected happens that changes her life forever. We guess you have to find out on your own, best of luck!

Make way for Holiday Horror

We cannot possibly leave out horror when we are listing holiday movies, can we? People whose go-to genre is horror instead of comedy, romances, or fantasy, we hear you. Watching horror movies during holidays can be a very efficient way of getting your adrenaline rushing. If you think you can watch horror movies just fine, and do not get scared easily, check out the very cool list of horror movies below to watch this holiday season.

Better watch out

Released in 2017, this movie has the potential to make you feel an array of emotions. The absolutely attractive cast consists of Olivia DeJonge and Levi Miller as the main leads. Be ready for the goosebumps the movie is going to give you while the cast performs flawlessly. The movie gives a more than expected thrill in its short running time of one and a half hours.

The Lodge

If minor horrors are never enough for you and you always find yourself looking for something that is really fearful, consider your search over. The Lodge is a 2019 movie with considerably great ratings, and rightfully so. It is the psychological thriller you have been looking for. Gear up for the ride and press that play button on your Netflix.

Anna and the apocalypse

If you prefer more light horror movies, Anna and the apocalypse is the right match for you. This movie does not follow the typical horror plot you would expect, but it is likely to get screams out of you. Anna is a high school girl, looking forward to finally graduating and setting her travel plans in motion. However, a zombie infection decides otherwise and thus begins the survival fight of Anna along with her friends. Grab your tissue box if you are an emotional person, you will need them as you watch Anna lose some of the very important people in the war.

Black Christmas

If you indulge in more dark horror, Black Christmas is the right one for you. Sorority sisters, who are peacefully enjoying holidays, do not get to do so for long. Their festive joys are interrupted by phone calls from a stalker. After a few calls, the family is in danger after the caller mentions frightening details about the people in the house. Add this movie to your list and allow yourself to get some chills that are not because of the cold outside.

Comedy movies to save you from the holiday blues!

It’s the holiday season, are we going to let it go without having a hearty laugh with our families and loved ones? Absolutely not. Even if you were planning on the same, once you read the list below, you are sure to change your plans. Here are some of the comedy movies to watch with your family.

Almost Christmas

This movie is set in the holidays, where a family gets together at Walter’s house for Christmas. So many people put together a very funny chain of events at the house. Savage aunts and rebelling siblings will all make you laugh out loud. This is perfect for a family holiday movie night.

Home Alone

The first part, released in 1990, has been successful in making viewers laugh all through these three decades. There have been many sequels to the first part of this movie. The kid, who is accidentally left behind by the family going for a vacation, paints the perfect picture with just enough wit and humor. You might cry laughing at the kid’s smartness as he protects his house from two mischievous burglars.


Noelle has always been the caring elder sister of her brother Nick. However, Nick causes her to expand her support and take care of everything while he goes missing a day before Christmas. Her father has had the responsibility of being Santa until before he dies. This passes on the responsibility to Nick, who betrays the hierarchy. How will Noelle clean up the mess this time?

Office Christmas Party

If you’ve had enough of your boring office routine, well this movie here is going to save you. Clay, the carefree brother, tries to save his department from getting shut down. The orders are from the uptight CEO, Carol, Clay’s sister. Of course, the Christmas party organized by Clay doesn’t go as planned and leaves you rolling in laughter.


Can your family let you be at peace if you are not with someone on an occasion as special as Christmas? The same happens with Sloane and Jackson. As holidays start, both of them agree to play each other’s dates for a year. And of course, you know what happens now, don’t you? Eventually, they fall for each other, all the while bringing out laughter from you.

Get, set, go!

The holidays are just around the corner. You are eagerly looking forward to a break from your college or job. You might have plans, or might not. Either way, we know you are in no way spending your Christmas holidays away from Netflix. Since you are going to need a watch list for the holiday season, we did you a favor.

Pick your genre, go through the list we made you, and add all of them to your watchlist straight away. Holidays are best enjoyed with family, so make sure to watch them, all snuggled up in blankets near the fireplace. Make hot chocolates, warm coffees, and drinks for each other, make yourself cozy, and enjoy Christmas to your heart’s content. Get, set, play!!

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