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Christmas Movies to Watch on Netflix

Christmas Movies to Watch on Netflix Since its Christmas time, Christmas movies come recommended when spending these holiday nights as a blanket watching the best of the Christmas movies out there. We have compiled a list of what we think might be the most suitable movies for this holiday season. Of course, there will be no spoiling of significant plot points, so just read and enjoy.

  1. Klaus

A postal worker and a reclusive toymaker team up to bring happiness and good cheer back to the Arctic town of Searsburg. Klaus is not only the highest-rated Christmas film on Netflix, but it is also the highest-rated film on Netflix, period. With an 8.1 IMDB score and 96% rotten tomatoes, it is a film that does deserve all the praise. With its gorgeous hand-drawn animations, timeless theme, and hilarious script, Klaus can warm hearts on even the coldest winter nights.

  1. The Christmas Chronicles

Two kids aim to catch Santa Claus on camera and find themselves living the Christmas night of their lives. The Christmas Chronicles is most notable for Kurt Russell’s performance as Santa Claus and the excellent Santa he makes in this jolly holiday adventure which also received a 2020 sequel.

The first film has already become one of the most popular movies on the Netflix platform and is brimful with enough fun and Christmas spirit that it is sure to delight young and old viewers.

  1. Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

Legendary toymaker Veronicas Jangle has been deceived by his apprentice but with the assistance of his imaginative granddaughter, he is able to resurrect part of the lost magic. Jingle jangle busters to life with a superb style and has more than enough heart to brighten the season of even the grumpiest of grinches.

The film has enjoyable qualities including excellent soundtracks, extravagant visuals, and an all-star cast. The 2020 release is bursting with magic and is sure to remain a Netflix yuletide classic for years to come.

  1. A Boy Called Christmas

A young boy named Nikolas sets out to find his father who previously ventured to the great north in search of the Fabled elf city of Elf helm. Based on the bestselling book of the same name, a boy called Christmas is a Santa Claus origin story and the perfect choice to get you back in the Christmas mood.

Its frozen Arctic setting is the ideal location for a fantasy film and has enough holiday joy to keep you feeling nice and toasty this Christmas season.

  1. Love Hard

A young woman flies a long distance over the holidays to meet with a man she met on a dating app. She soon realizes that she might have been catfished and things get more interesting when she finds the real person from the photos.

Love hard is a holiday rom-com and while it is no masterpiece, it is a light-hearted movie that will help rev up your holiday spirit. It offers few solid laughs on top of a charming cast and overall, you will find this movie to be a worthwhile addition to your Christmas movie list.

Keep in mind that a few of these movies might not be accessible in your Netflix accounts because of territory restrictions. We recommend using VPN to unlock unlimited content on Netflix and other streaming services. If you have more movies to add to this list comment them down below!

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