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Fashion Content Creators: An Influencer Or A Promoter?

From promoters to trendsetters- fashion influencers are going viral. Until years ago the print and top-tier fashion have shown interest in fashion editors and had made some final judgment on fashion trends. But now, through fashion content creators​, these fashion​ promoters are setting a trend. They are also influencing people with the help of social media. Bloggers, influencers, and even vloggers who have the convenience of voicing their estimation about fashion and lifestyle are influencing many.

Who are these fashion Influencers or Promoters?

A fashion influencer is a personality who has many followers on various social media platforms. He or she creates content and has the power to influence people. Whereas promoters are the trendsetters whose opinion, and make others purchase with their recommendation. For fashion content creators, brands play a vital role as it endorses them​ to attend fashion shows parties, designer dinners. They also give them some exclusive tips to wear and show their clothes on social media. This would lead the influencer to get paid as their posts would be labeled or sponsored content as a promoter.

The history behind it!

Many women are re-creating the old fashion looks- by sketching them as the latest dresses which are simply bound together. To see what was going on in the fashion world, and what is new! But some fashion content creators​ are commoners which are not from television​ and movies. They have let alone the blogs and social media solely responsible for their contents or fashion trends around the world. With the help of an influencer, the promoter is creating amazing designs and patterns which expressly promote the superiority of french couture to an American clientele.

Evolution of the Influencer trend via advancement of the Internet:

These fashion influencers are identified as the new celebrity endorsements. Due to their closer relationships with the audience as a traditional celebrity. However, promoters can find trends through daily interaction across multiple channels, through photos, live sessions, Insta-stories, and create a form of closeness or build-up their trust. In that way, it would make the influencers more tangible towards the trends.

When the beginning of fashion blogs appeared in the 2000s, fashion content creators first started their content as a hobby. But slowly the fashion lovers started to share their contents or ideas with the latest trends to get a job with the fashion industry later on. Seeing the increase, bloggers learned to monetize their content. It has been said that fashion blogs were grown from personal diaries that kept the fashion lovers in the complex market and economic tools.

Breaking Down the World of High-End Fashion

For the past few years, fashion influencers have broken down the walls and are making themselves invited for a runway. Being a fashion influencer is not an easy pathway, you need to be accepted in the fashion industry and mainly into the world of luxury fashion. The fashion content creators always face criticism for their fashion or the fashion influencers​ “wannabe”, seeking out only for attention. But due to dynamic change, many promoters have changed their lives of fashion influencers to control the volume in the market and make a way for fashion brands and designers to transform themselves.


The popularity of fashion is now no more limited to celebrities or models. Through fashioncontent creators it has broken the wall for fashion designers or brands to show their​ contents by becoming an influencer or promoter using craftsmanship, innovation, and utilizing a single cloth in several styles. When it comes to the latest contents or trends these influencers and promoters are open to experiments by creating their collection based on their aesthetics and passion. This would help the consumer to keep their fashion refreshing and can influence too.

Nowadays collaboration is becoming more widely viable for fashion content creators. ​ Both​  parties’ influencers or promoters do the brand assessment by styling themselves with others and then determining for good. To sum up, today fashion has set a trend for fashion influencers or promoters with a similar ethos, as they understand how an opportunity can help to co-create and even collaborate with fashion projects which will benefit both parties.

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