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A Model’s Diet? Here’s What You Need To Know!


Genes occupy most of the space in the pie-chart of the factors contributing to a person’s good looks. It is also important that you maintain those looks and the physique. Therefore, you need to watch your daily eating habits. Especially if you are into modeling. Models are the most presentable people in the room. Most of the models are tall, thin, and gorgeous. That largely depends on the type of modeling they are into. There are plus-sized models too. But if you are under the impression that the plus-sized and curvy models do not require a watched diet then you are mistaken. There are some limits or parameters fixed for weight and shape in every modeling type. And to maintain that it is important that follow a model’s diet plan or at least have discipline in the food habits.

 The conscious diet

 A indian model’s diet consists of various things. Indian food is rich and contains all the required nutritional contents. Hence, contrary to the popular belief Indian models eat a lot. Their diet is rich in protein as protein is important for the wear and tear of the body. The most common habit is compulsory 3 balanced meals. The meals are of small portions and include all the essential nutrients. This meal is a breakfast, a lunch, and a dinner. The breakfast includes 3 eggs in the form of half fry, an omelet with a piece of brown bread, or sometimes raw. You can include a fresh glass of any available fruit or tea in the breakfast. For lunch it’s a sandwich or a bowl of fruits, it is sometimes a whole meal of dal, rice, roti, and a sabzi, or a bowl of salad. You can repeat this for dinner too.


The dinner is always at a considerable amount of time from going to bed. Apart from these meals, there is a lot of munching on dry fruits mostly almonds. Also, you should include the habit of drinking water in your daily diet. All the food is without any masala or oil most of the time. You can always boil the chicken and vegetables for sabzi. Most important of all is, there is a big no to junk food.


It is not necessary to skip your meals or starve yourself to stay in the desired shape. Hence, you can keep yourself well-fed throughout the day to avoid the temptation to snack on calories. Also, as important as this diet thing is in the life of a model, it is important to have a cheat day. A meal or a day where you can eat anything your souls crave. This is important because otherwise, it will become frustrating for you to continue. Hence, a bar of chocolate once in a while can do. Avoiding refined sugar goes a long way too.

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