Friday, September 22, 2023

Weekend Bytes Season 2 Episode 6 with Shaswat

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Weekend Bytes Season 2 Episode 6 with Shaswat

Weekend Bytes Season 2 Episode 6 with Shaswat creates magic with his camera. He uses his camera as a tool of exploration and a passport to the inner sanctum. He expresses his views through his images as photography can convey an idea in a very creative and artistic manner. Shaswat got his inspiration from his father who was also a photography lover. Although Shaswat was influenced by his father he never held his hand and taught him about everything.
He learned everything by himself as that is what his father wanted for Shaswat, to be self-taught. As that method of self-learning will give immense experience via the trial-and-error method. You get a chance to explore your talent. According to him the best part of being a photographer is manifesting the thought process that you have for a particular shoot as it is. There is a peaceful satisfaction that comes with it when you manifest your thought into reality. It brings him a lot of joy and satisfaction.
Watch the video to know all about his journey! what did you like the most? let us know in the comment section.
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