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Wedding accessories and essentials for bride and groom that you can choose

Wedding accessories and essentials for bride and groom that you can choose

Accessories are crucial, especially on your wedding day, as any fashion designer or stylist will tell you. If you’ve chosen your wedding attire but need help deciding what else to wear with it, you’re in the right place.

Because there are so many things to buy and plan for your big day, wedding accessories sometimes need to be remembered. By going through this checklist, make sure you have everything you need for your wedding accessories.

Wedding Accessories and Essentials for Bride


A pair of heels or shoes are the most important bridal accessory for a bride-to-be. The balance should be struck between choosing fashionable and comfortable heels while the main focus remains on finding heels that fit the bridal lehenga or Sangeet suit very well.

If unsure, invest in basic heel colours like gold, silver, black, white, grey, and beige because they all look great with various outfits. Keep a pair or two of flats on hand at all times in case your feet begin to pain, and you need to switch to a pair of wedding shoes that are flatter and more comfortable.

Nail paint

Girls constantly manicure their nails with various products to make them sparkle. Even if you experimented with unusual colours before your wedding, you should use the right hues that go with your wedding gown on the big day.

Maroon, red, golden, dark orange, and olive are timeless hues that blend well with any dress. If not, she has a choice. In addition, take into account your skin tone when selecting nail paint. It is a straightforward, sober-hand wedding accessory if you want to avoid burdening your hands by wearing bulky kangas and chudis.

Hair accessories

As part of the bridal wedding accessories, fancy sparkly bobby pins, Ambada pins, long hairpins for buns, rosebuds, and Gajra are some of the hair accessories that are a must-buy. Your basic to artistic hairdo will appear beautiful with the help of all these accessories, making it appropriate for bridal wear.

Give your hair accessories some thought and choose flower adornments, a fancy hair clip, or adorned jooda pins for your bridal hairstyle. A stylish matha patti or maang tikka, whether or not it is ornate or sleek (whatever suits you’re the shape of your face). You could also serve it with a traditional jhoomar.


Every married lady must wear bangles as part of her Shringar, or collection of bridal ornaments, both at the wedding and after. Bangles are necessary whether you plan to wear a Punjabi Chura or simply want to load up on glass bracelets in various colours to match your wedding outfits. Bangles can be embellished with Latkans to make them appear more wedding-ready for the big day!


You can choose a layered kundan necklace, a stunning polki collar, or an enamelled bib necklace for the neck and then pair it with coordinating rani haar. On the one hand, a statement ring, and on the other, the engagement ring.

Wedding Accessories and Essentials for Groom

If you believed that a groom’s wedding style was solely decided by his sherwani or tuxedo, think again! Jewellery, fashionable turbans, and dapper draped stoles are just a few of the fashion trends for men that we have carefully selected. You can see them all here.


In India, turbans go by various names. The future groom must wear a turban in the majority of Indian regions. So, the bridal accessory that every groom-to-be should own is a turban. Safa, Pheta, Pagdi, and Dastar are just a handful of the names for turbans used in India. As part of current design trends, men frequently add a brooch or a synthetic feather to their turbans to match their wedding attire.


Most people associate wedding jewellery with the bride when they discuss it. In India, though, the grooms also don jewellery. Typically, it consists of a Kantha, a long necklace made of beads and white pearls.

In addition, he might put on a gold chain with a pendant (made of gold, diamond, or precious stone), possibly even a pearl string. The Indian groom can also wear gold bracelets and rings as other jewellery.


Shoes may significantly enhance or detract from a person’s appearance, and the same is true for the groom. The attire he will wear during the wedding will determine the kind of shoes he needs to purchase. The ideal footwear to wear with Indian clothing like the sherwani, achkan, or kurta-pyjama is an embellished Punjabi jutti, mojri, or Kolhapuri chappal.

Black or brown formal shoes are the ideal choice for wearing suits. Remember to upgrade your shoes! Ornate Indian men’s footwear is available from various designers, but some also supply personalized alternatives that let you match the fabric and embroidery to your clothing.


Wearing a watch enhances a groom’s sophisticated appearance. The best thing about spending money on a fashionable wristwatch is that it looks great in western and Indian clothing.

This means that a watch will look just as good with a Safari suit, Kurta with Nehru Jacket, and a shirt and slacks as with a Sherwani and Churidars. Several wristwatches on the market, from stainless steel to leather straps, are perfect for a groom to wear.

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