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Top 7 sustainable fashion brands in India to look forward to

Top 7 sustainable fashion brands in India, Sustainable fashion is not just limited to the organic fabric, timelessness, and durability of the clothes. It’s also especially important to know who makes our clothes. Starting with the farmers who grow the cotton in the fields, then it is shifted for the spinning and weaving, and after weaving the weavers involved tune the fibers into the fabrics. A lot of tailors are also involved who tune the fabrics together to bring you, their masterpiece. Making a garment is a huge process. Therefore, we need to have knowledge of who is involved and how much compensation they get for their efforts.

During the COVID times, we came across various movements such as vocal for local. Support from the local communities and brands was the only way out in those horrific times. But these brands and businesses are small, and some are still in their initial stages. So, we need to step up and help sustainable eco-friendly brands. We have curated a list of such brands, let’s have a look at them.

  1. Doodlage

Doodlage is a brand created by the designer Kriti Tula. She is very innovative and has a highly creative personality, which can also be reflected in her work and brand as the brand uses waste fabrics to make its garments. They use all kinds of waste from factory waste to consumer waste for the production of their new and fresh clothing line. This brand stands for perfect synchronization of sustainability and innovation. They work with eco-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton and various other natural fabrics. Another source of their fabric is the leftover quality discarded products from large manufacturers. Recycling and upcycling are the key at Doodlage. Their earthy and sober look is what attracts the customers most.

  1. No Nasties

This company uses organic fabrics. They consciously use the fabrics in their garments to give their customer the best feel. This company also focuses its attention on the daily wage workers that take part in the processing of a garment. They have categories like earth-friendly essentials, organic cotton basics, organic cotton dress et al. The ideal user experience is achieved by consistently asking the questions what, who, and why. A product with influence is what they strive to produce. The change that can be made in transparency waste is another thing they want to bring to people’s attention.

  1. Urth Label

Urth Label is a brand that is close to many people’s hearts. They produce elegant and class varieties of clothes. This should be one of the first brands that you need to check out when you start your journey in a sustainable fashion. The best part about their business is their reasonable prices while keeping sustainability at its heart.

  1. SUI

Sui in the Hindi language means ‘needle’. Needle plays an especially significant role in making the fabrics into our beautiful garments. Although the prices are a little steep and comparable to ZARA. It is still one of the best brands to go for and the prices are well justified as well considering the mission they’re following.

  1. Sparrow

This brand created a lot of dresses and clothing with the idea of sustainability in their mind. It is one of the best brands, especially for women. You can easily compare this brand with the incredibly famous H&M in terms of prices as well as style. Their clothing pieces are generally upcycled and worth investing in.

  1. Ilamra

This brand has a unique meaning behind its name. ‘Ila’ in Hindi means earth, ‘Amra’ means mango tree and ‘ra’ means the sun. This brand creates mostly desi garments and desi alternatives for the more western designs. Ilamra paints itself a story as we lay under the mango tree, glaring at the sunlight, greenery all around and blissful silence; if you adore this desi story then this brand is definitely for you. The prices are usually fair but may seem high sometimes.

  1. Aarjavee

The main aim of this brand is minimal, versatile, and comfortable for all its customers. The brand is inspired by the idea of versatility in hand-crafted products and accessories. It is an Indian contemporary company label focused on handcrafting statement jewelry pieces with a high focus on its details. The ideals of this brand help in keeping the legacy and helps in reviving the lost art. As far as the price point is concerned, then it can be on the higher side, but looking at the causes and quality this brand offer, it may seem fair.

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