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The Art of Accessorizing

How to Perfectly Complement Your Festive Outfits with Indian Accessories

At WMH India, we believe that an outfit isn’t just a piece of fabric but an ensemble that narrates a tale. And the art of accessorizing? It’s the punctuation that provides clarity and charisma to that story. Especially when the narrative is about the flamboyance and grandeur of Indian festivities.

Indian accessories, with their intricate designs and vast cultural significance, have been revered for centuries. From the majestic crowns of kings and queens to the subtle nose pin of a village belle, accessories have played an integral part in defining one’s stature, style, and personality.

Historical Significance of Indian Accessories

Before delving into the “how-to”, it’s crucial to understand the “why” of accessorizing. Indian accessories have been more than just ornamental; they are symbolic. The mangalsutra signifies marital status, while bangles, often worn by brides, symbolize a protective fence around the husband, keeping away evil. Earrings, especially gold ones, were believed to improve one’s health.


Steps to Master the Art of Accessorizing

  1. Consider the Occasion: Every Indian festival or ceremony carries its essence. For Diwali, the festival of lights, pieces like chunky necklaces, grand chokers, and jhumkas resonate with the opulence of the occasion. For Navaratri, mirror-worked accessories or tribal jewelry can set you apart.
  2. Balance is Key: Think of your attire and accessories as elements of a painting. If your outfit boasts heavy embroidery or embellishments, opt for subtler accessories. A simple attire, on the other hand, is your canvas to experiment with bold, statement pieces.
  3. Mix Metals with Caution: Traditional Indian jewelry predominantly revolved around gold. However, contemporary trends see a blend of gold, silver, and even rose gold. Ensure they harmonize with your outfit’s primary colors.
  4. Play with Color: Indian festivals are a carnival of colors. Pick a dominant color from your outfit and choose accessories that contrast or blend seamlessly. Gemstones can be a fantastic way to infuse color into your ensemble.
  5. Don’t Forget the Feet: Anklets or payals, often overshadowed, can be game-changers. Especially when paired with intricately designed toe rings.

Experiment with Regional Varieties

India, with its diverse culture, offers an array of regional jewelry. From the pearl and gold of Hyderabad, the meenakari of Rajasthan, the terracotta of Bengal to the temple jewelry of Tamil Nadu, the options are endless. WMH India encourages you to explore these varieties and create a unique blend that’s distinctly you.

Taking Care of Your Accessories

The longevity of your accessories, especially during the festive season when they’re frequently worn, is crucial. Store them in individual pouches to avoid scratches. For those with gemstones, ensure they’re not exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods.

WMH India has always underscored the importance of embracing individuality. Accessories are more than adornments; they’re extensions of who you are. They let you express, impress, and sometimes even surprise yourself.

In the realm of fashion, Coco Chanel’s sentiment, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off,” holds immense value. But in the world of Indian accessorizing, it’s about harmonizing tradition with individuality.

Accessorizing is an ever-evolving art. As we step into another festive season, let your accessories tell your story, a tale of grace, grandeur, and individuality. Stay aligned with WMH India for more insights into the dazzling world of fashion and accessories.

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