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Painting the Ramp With Pride – The Queer In Indian Modeling

The modeling industry is considered one of the most progressive industries across the board, which is known for its freedom and inclusivity. However, it is still imperative to note that there are still miles to go in terms of queer rights.

For transgender and gender non-binary fashions, access into the higher echelons of favor runways has been constrained. Many models in this cohort have felt compelled to conceal their identities so that they will land jobs or succeed within the enterprise.

In recent years, there is some development, with overtly transgender models increasingly taking the center stage on runways, in advert campaigns, and on tv suggests. But the fashion enterprise has a way to go when it comes to LGBTQ representation. There is a need for awareness and education on the representation of models from the entire gender spectrum.

We have come a long way in making the art of modeling accessible to people from genders other than the mainstream, however, there are still miles to go before we reach a fair stage. But, that does not take away the rigor and effort people have put into pioneering the way into fashion. Moreover, we must be proud of our models of pride who are giving new inspirations and make it easier for the many people looking for acceptance out there.

Indian Models of Pride

Social media has additionally given space to the queer network, now not simplest to be visible and heard but also teach different people.

There are numerous influencers from the queer community in India who are shattering rigid societal norms and stereotypes. They do not pull away from embracing and taking satisfaction in their actual self and express themselves freely. These queer influencers on social media teach their target audience through their skills. We bring to you some of those Bravehearts below.

Sushant Divgikar

Sushant Divgikar is a famous model, actor, video jockey, and performer who has been part of some television shows as well. He is an LGBTQIA+ activist and a drag performer. In 2014, he won Mr. Homosexual India and represented India at Mr. Homosexual Global. He was also a participant in the singing reality show, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa in 2018.

He’s presently into auditioning, mentoring, and schooling young drag queens. He intends to make drag a more on-hand and revered artwork space in India.

Divgikar joined Rainbow Riots in 2019, a worldwide agency and artist collective running for LGBTQ equality and rights.

Maitraynee Mahanta

Maitrayanee Mahanta is a budding social media influencer from Assam. She is a content writer, model, and artist who is pursuing her Masters’s and preparing for tests to go to the US simultaneously. Her photoshoots are an outlet for her queer expression and love for her accomplice.


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Anwesh Sahoo

Artist, blogger, dancer, and motivational speaker Anwesh Sahoo became the winner of Mr. Gay World India 2016. He was the youngest winner of the crown at the age of 20. He represented India at the Mr. Gay World 2016 and made it to the pinnacle 12. Completing his diploma from the countrywide Institute of Fashion Generation, Delhi. He has been vocal about gay rights and a dignified representation of the queer community in all forms of art. The gay artist is an inspiration to many young people out there.

Alex Menon

Alok Menon is one of the pioneers of gender-fluid fashion globally. Alok does not identify as any gender and goes by the pronouns they/them/their. Menon is a creator, performer, fashionista, version, media personality, and motivational speaker.

A jack of all trades, they use a blend of art, fashion design, comedy, sound art, and ramp on their social media. They also use various forms of art to bring their views and activism and discover topics of gender, sexuality, race, human lifestyles and ache.

With an international presence in over 40 countries, they strongly endorse breaking the binary gender norms and raise awareness about gender neutrality. Menon has additionally walked for several renowned brands and has been regarded in multiple fashion magazines.

The Path Ahead!

However, there is nonetheless a protracted way for the fash frat to go, concerning absolutely understanding and making use of the idea of inclusivity as part of the entire network. Understandably, there must be identical opportunities for human beings of any gender, race, class, or sexuality. They need to be recognized for his or her skills.

Inclusivity needs to now not be used for photo-constructing through any fashion house or dressmaker to draw attention. Queer models should not most effectively get jobs for satisfaction-themed indicates. Moreover, they ought no longer to build to suit stereotyped thoughts of what queer looks as. Just like every human has the freedom to represent themselves in all possible methods, the same picks have to be available to the queer. It is time we give them what they duly deserve.

The article was originally in the September Edition of the WMH India magazine.

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