Wednesday, October 4, 2023

June 2023 Magazine

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Welcome to the vibrant and mesmerizing world of WMH India’s June edition.

Our cover star Alla Ganova (@iii_19855) brings a bold charm and vivid allure, thanks to the deft touch of photographer Lev Zolotarev (@LevZolotarev).

Models you can discover in this edition:

Scroll below for featured articles and don’t forget to check out the exclusive photos with our back cover model Isshi .
Grab your copy today and step into the world of fashion, beauty, and elegance.

Dive into this edition to discover:

  • Parades You Can Go to Celebrate Love: Witness love in its purest form with our detailed coverage of globally renowned parades. Love knows no bounds, and we bring you a bit of its magic.
  • Old Money Outfits: Taste the charm of old money with our fashion-forward article on timeless styles that emanate effortless sophistication.
  • How to Change Your Skincare Every Season: We present a comprehensive guide on transitioning your skincare regimen with the changing seasons. Because your skin deserves the best care throughout the year!
  • Fight Bedtime Frizz with Hair Bonnets: Tired of unruly, frizzy hair? Our step-by-step guide to fighting bedtime frizz with hair bonnets will help you tame the mane.
  • Why Use Rosemary Water For Hair: Delve into the botanical world of hair care. Discover the immense benefits of Rosemary Water for your hair and why it needs to be part of your routine.

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