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Indian Fashion and its Impact on the World

The age-old traditions, cultures, and customs of India have always had a significant influence on the way Indians dress. India is a land of diverse cultures, and each culture has its own unique style of fashion. For example, the saree of Maharashtra is different from the saree of Kerala. These styles are twisted, modified, and are gradually adopted around the world.

The vibrant colors that are a distinct feature of Indian wear have also found ground in the world of modern fashion. Like the bright bindis, glamorous ghagras, and shining sherwanis, Indian fashion has been majorly influencing World stage as we know it. Designers all around the world can draw inspiration from the vastly diverse cultures of India and incorporate them into their own designs.

The Route to Becoming Global 

India was colonized by the British for nearly 200 years. One would imagine that both countries would adapt the dressing and fashion styles from each other. However, the influence of the West on Indian fashion became much more than what the West adapted from India. But as Indian culture began spreading across the globe, Indian fashion became extremely popular in countries like America, England, and Canada.

From a historical point of view, the Hippie movement can be seen as a starting point of the propagation of Indian fashion. The Hippies believed in not conforming to the rules of Western society They adopted the vibrant and colorful sarees, salwar kameez, dhotis, bindis and so many more symbols of Indian Fashion.

In more recent times, however, the spread of the Indian film industry-especially Bollywood- around the world has had a huge impact on Global Fashion. The fashion depicted in Bollywood movies has started to catch the eye of many designers around the world. Since people around the world have started appreciating Indian movies, they have also started appreciating our styles and fashion. Therefore, Indian fashion has slowly started incorporating into their own cultures.

What makes Indian Fashion special?

Indian fashion has so much more to offer other than just pretty and vibrant colors. The unique cut of traditional dresses is very different from the western style of clothing. Secondly, the fabric that Indian dresses use is simply exotic-from its texture to the ease in touch. Fabrics like khadi and silk have started being used in Modern Fashion. In addition to these, the increasing use of Indian-inspired pattern styles and embroidery have all made a huge impact on the world of fashion.

Commonly Adapted Indian Fashion Items on the International Stage


Many cultures in India have the tradition of wearing headgear. From turbans to pagadis, many models on the international fashion stage endorse headgear from our heartland traditions. For example, Gucci and Chanel models in fashion shows have worn headgear similar to the Punjabi turbans and Rajasthani pagadis.


Bindis are by far the most popular Indian Fashion items. People wear bindis all around the world. Some wear them even as part of their Coachella costume to enhance the beauty of their forehead. One colorful dot in between your eyebrows can enhance your facial features. Even in the music industry, celebrities like Selena Gomez have used bindis in their music videos.

Nose Ring

The Nose Ring, like the Bindi, has always been an integral part of Indian Culture. Not long ago did designers start to take notice of how nose rings can be a part of modern fashion. Hence, nose rings have ever since been a striking item that is worn by models all over the world.


Sarees are now no longer restricted to Indians. Different models from major fashion brands wear a variety of sarees regularly. It would not be wrong to say that the saree has become one of the most iconic fashion items in the world that have originated from India.

Getting Bigger and Better

Designer Troy Costa has said,

“International designers are fascinated by Indian designs, intricate hand embroidery, traditional motifs, and weaves.”

This shows that the impact of Indian culture and fashion is huge on the global level. It has contributed immensely to the global trends in the fashion industry. People all over the world have shown much love for the Indian styles.

This is apparent because of the exposure that International designers have given them on global fashion shows and fashion walks. In conclusion, the impact of Indian Fashion will only be getting bigger in the future, in the World of Fashion.

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