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How to Keep a Clutter-Free Closet

How to Keep a Clutter-Free Closet

We all love trendy clothing. We love cloth shopping, the feeling of something new, fresh, crisp, and clean. None of us like to be pigeonholed into one set style and we bet you don’t either. We have brought you a guide to the decluttered closet. We have 10 tips for you to make your closet clutter-free and to work a lot better for you.

  1. Schedule Time

The first tip is to schedule a time to organize otherwise you know you’re going to put it off until next week. That day will get busy so you will put it off until another week and the cycle continues or else you’re going to forget and reason with yourself. We would suggest trying and getting your closet done in one go once you build the momentum.

  1. Consider YOU

You need to consider the current version of yourself. You should also consider a near-future version of yourself, like where you’re going to be and what you’re going to be doing in the next year. Ask yourself what you anticipate happening in the next year that could have an impact on your wardrobe. Maybe you’re looking to change career fields or maybe you’re planning on having children, there are so many things that could change in the next year of your life and if you’re planning those out then you can make those decisions also while you’re pairing down your wardrobe.

  1. Make a Plan

A project without a plan is doomed to fail. Go to your closet, walk around, make a plan, and decide what percentage of clothing you would like to remove from here for it to feel a lot more comfortable. For example, maybe you have hangers that are so crunched together that you can’t even get them to sit flat. You may need to get rid of 50% or more of your closet. This gives you an idea when you’re going through each category, and how many items you would need to get rid of to achieve the goal.

  1. Set Up the Space

This is where you’re going to take your tags and designate specific spots where you’re going to put each of the items that you pull out of your closet. Clear enough space in your room or find another room close by that will give you the space to quickly sort through each piece without feeling trapped and overwhelmed.

  1. Tackle Only One Category

You are going to tackle only one category or one genre at a time, for example, all your t-shirts or all of your work apparel. You don’t want to grab everything and just instinctively empty the closet. If you need to clean it as you go then you need to grab a specific category and clean that section because if you do otherwise, you’re going to derail yourself.

  1. The Important Questions

Ask yourself important questions about each piece that you pull out of your closet. Does it make sense for the current or near future to keep this or is it past you and you need to say goodbye to it? Is your size flattering to you, your body shape, or your skin tone? Is it in an attractive shape or does it have stains and tears? If you feel like you could mend it, are you going to mend it within the next week? If not, then just trash it.

  1. Hard to Decide Aside

Put hard-to-decide pieces in their separate pile. You could take this step at the very last. If you’re worried about how much you’re keeping and if it’s all going to fit back in, wait until you’ve already gone through everything and that will provide you with a better perspective of if you want to keep this pile still or not.

  1. Outback Purposefully

Put everything back based on the season or genre. Most of you already do a combination of both. For example, you can have space designated for each of the seasons in your closet.

  1. Limited Space Issues

The two main reasons you may find that you’ve limited space in your closet are that you’re housing seasonal items and in the near future your items that could be in storage and rotated out. Another possibility is a rolling wardrobe. It is a great option because it could be housing all of your favorite attire that you couldn’t keep in your closet, but you don’t necessarily want to pack away out of sight.

  1. Maintain the Space

Two habits are going to help you to maintain your space very easily. The first one is adopting the one in one out method. Anytime you bring a new piece of clothing into your closet, you should aim to remove one piece. This does two things; it prevents us from continually adding to our closet by causing you to purge on regular basis and it rotates your fresh style while replacing your old style. The other habit involves a cloth bin. Place the bin somewhere in your closet and toss it in the bin whenever you see a piece that needs to go. This helps you to purge your closet while getting dressed in the morning.

We hope that this encouraged you to go onto your closet and declutter. You’re going to be so much happier and so much more efficient in the morning. You’re going to save so much time each day.

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