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Hosting a Diwali Party? Here is the know how

Hosting a Diwali Party many people all across the world celebrate Diwali. Homes are cleaned and adorned, and lights are hung. Rangoli, or powder-colored art, is created on the floor to welcome Lakshmi, the goddess of riches and prosperity. Hosting a Diwali celebration may be difficult, especially when the holiday occurs on a weekday, as it does this year. That’s when a little forethought and a lot of imagination may come in handy.

  1. Food, and some “Portable” Food

Now the first thing that attracts and gives joy to people is food. Don’t panic and try to make everything you know how to prepare right away. First, sit down and plan out all of the courses: appetizers, beverages, main dish, and deserts. What do you want to serve?

  • You might wish to remember the menu from your previous Diwali celebration so that you don’t serve the same items twice.
  • To reduce waste, avoid over-preparation of foods.
  • Don’t overdo it on the cuisine you provide for your visitors.
  • Serve “heavy appetizers” or finger food. People can roam and mix more freely with portable meals, and it frees up hands for gambling and card games.

The last point is of utmost importance. You don’t have to prepare sophisticated delicacies that require a plate and silverware to eat; instead, offer bite-sized items with tissue papers and toothpicks or disposable cutlery so the host isn’t seen collecting dinnerware from everywhere. You don’t have to do much to provide little Vada Pav bits, mini Dabelis, Rajma Galouti Kebabs, Corn Fritters, Cocktail Idli Kebabs, and so on.

  • A cool thing to add to the food corner: DIY COOKING

Aside from cards and other activities, you may simply allow your visitors to participate in some cooking. If you have enough room on your balcony, set up a barbeque with marinated meats and veggies and let them create their own BBQ specialties. There should be no place for formality when it comes to your loved ones. So go ahead and get them used to DIY cooking.

  • What is food without the drinks on the side!

Take a mix of cocktails and mocktails ready for all types of people and suitable for the whole crowd.

  1. Music, Dance and Games

What Diwali party is a party without some fun dance and singing sessions!

  • Set up speakers in your Diwali party location and whip up an exciting playlist of songs to which your guests can dance and sing along.
  • Engage your crowd and play singing games, like every Indian’s favorite Antakshari.
  • For a successful use of music and dance to bring light to your festival of lights party, add good decor and lights that fill the vibe in the room with laughter, fun and happiness.
  • Your decor should be light colored, theme based or not depending on you and how you want your party to look like.
  • Keep fairy lights for your house to decorate it, as it is the Festival of Lights afterall. But for a fun music and dance session keep a sunset lamp handy, which is one of the trendiest lights and creates a great fun, aesthetic vibe for parties.
  1. GIFTS!

If you really want to go out and about for your Diwali party, buy your guests gifts! Who wouldn’t want to come to a Diwali party and receive gifts? Everyone expects presents around Diwali, so don’t let them down. While guests to your party may or may not bring any for you, make sure you have a hamper ready for everyone when they leave. You may either create this at home or buy it prepared from a store. When people leave your party satisfied with good food, drinks, music, dance and games, leaving with a gift in hand will surely tie the knot to you being the best host ever.

Last but not least, with a goodbye note, offer them sweets or, best of all, chocolates! Ending the party with a sweet note will give not only a smile to your guests’ faces but satisfaction to the host inside you. This Diwali, host an amazing party with these few tips and tricks to ace it. We wish you a happy and prosperous Diwali. May God bless all of you with happiness, wealth, and the best Diwali party host mug!

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