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Gopal Tiwari “If You Work Hard Today, No One Can Stop You from Having a Better Tomorrow”

Gopal Tiwari, a young man from the middle class following his goal of modelling and acting, is the ideal example of If you work hard today no one can stop you from having a better tomorrow He started his modeling career back in 2017 with Mr & Miss North India 2017. There he was in the top ten models. Afterward, he walked the ramp for Mr & Miss Global 2019.


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The current COVID-19 has had a huge effect on the model’s life.

I suffered a lot because of the pandemic situation. There was a lack of work and hence, money as well. We (him and his family) used my father’s savings to meet our needs.

Throwing light on the illiteracy rate in India, one of the  major social issues, Gopal Tiwari says,

Our India has a high rate of population due to the lack of education. I believe in ‘Padhega India tabhi toh bhadega India’. Nowadays, if a boy/girl faces rejection, they give up. Instead they should understand that, you value your achivements more when you lose and then win.

If I get a chance for something like this (ability to make a social change) I would help the women of our nation. Today also, if I have to travel somewhere, my family is fine with it. At the same time, if my sister asks for the same, everybody comes up with some buts and ifs. I want to change this scenario and mindset on Indian society.

Coming to modeling, Gopal is very passionate about it. He wants to inspire the upcoming generation with his modeling skills.

Modeling for me is my life. I can’t see anything else than this. I want to be a role model for people with my passion.

Gopal Tiwari has experienced both modeling and acting, but when it comes to prioritizing one, it is always modeling for him.

I always prioritize modeling, as in acting you need good and furnished skills, which ultimately come once you learn to model. And, if I choose to model, I automatically get calls for acting as well.

Gopal has faced a lot of rejections in his career but that never demotivated him. His father was his strength and hope.

This question is really very touching for me, I have faced a lot of rejections but having my dad at my side always, never let me lose. He is my strength, whenever I feel low towards my work, I talk to him.

On bringing some change to the modeling industry, Gopal says,

Newcomers do not get the opportunity and they are often asked to compromise if they want work. I really want to change this. Moreover, I really feel people should be more acknowledging of modeling and explore the industry more precisely.

I was too asked by several designers to compromise although I never accepted it. Maybe, that is one of the reasons I never got more opportunities.

Gopal wishes to work with Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi Mukherjee and have a shoot with Dabboo Ratnani.

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