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Glittery Pride

Glittery Pride India is a developing country with a really unique aura. In our country, the clothing industry is booming under its care. Well in this socioeconomic society we live in, more than half of the population has become brand conscious. They believe that you are what your clothes show to the world. It is more about how expensive you look than how pure and serene you are from the inside.

“Sometimes glass glitters more than diamonds because it has more to prove.”
― Terry Pratchett,

Moreover, it is believed that foreign brands produce garments of better quality and price. But to break it out to you, our homegrown brands are actually giving tough competition to the other team. India has an exceptional culture and the products made here are actually preferable over any other good. Our country has birthed or carried an ample amount of clothing brands that are dominated all over the world.

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Talking about Indian brands, many of them are still considered to be foreign but in reality, are not. Hence, here is a list of some Indian Clothing brands which actually make a difference.

Monte Carlo

Firstly, Monte Carlo was founded in India. It got launched in 1984 and since then, it is believed to be a significant step toward the bloom of the garment industry. The brand offers products such as Denim, trousers, shirts, T-shirts, sportswear, woolen, and cotton garments. Be it a kid or an adult, this brand welcomes everyone! Nahar group launched it.

Peter England

You must be skeptical about spotting this brand here. To answer your doubts, Peter England is indeed an Indian brand. Even though its first factory stood in Ireland, the Aditya Birla Group acquired the label back in 2000.  It comes under the top 5 of the most trusted clothing brands for men, in India. It has a 4 million and still counting big customer base and offers a wide range of garment collections. Therefore, not only will you find extensive variety here, but also top-notch quality products and accessories.


Secondly, Biba is the hub of Indian Ethnic wear for women. An aspiring Mrs. Meena Bindra created this brand with only 8000 rupees in hand. Spine chilling, right? Many Bollywood celebrities prefer Biba. And many films want Biba as their merchandise.

This iconic journey got started from a small boutique and now has reached the hearts of millions of ‘pretty women’, as the brand name translates to.


Do not underestimate the single letter ‘W’. In other words, it is one of the top-selling Indo-Western and contemporary brands for women. TCNS Clothing Co. Limited launched it in 2001. It is the actual definition of versatility. For example, it offers ethnic women’s garments with a touch of modern and contemporary style.


Kamal Khushlani founded this brand in 1988, which definitely blew up not only within the millennial generation but also the generations before and ahead. The distinctive and mind-blowing innovations put forth through normal clothing became their niche. They surprised people by making trousers out of denim and founding stretch jeans. It offers a variety of products. For example, these products include shorts, joggers, blazers, accessories, and more. 

Allen Solly

This would be part two of a doubtful glint. It was founded under William Hollin and Co Ltd, in 1744. Allen Solly got taken over by the Madhura Garments in the 90s. The Aditya Birla Group again took it under its label in 2001. Above all, its garment line ranges from luxury to comfort.

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Raymond took birth in Thane, Mumbai, in 1925. About the diversity, Raymond produces readymade wear, cosmetics, toiletries, tools, designer wear, and most importantly, formals!

It goes with the theme of ‘Go Beyond’ and provides exceptional quality all over the world.

Raymond also has sub-brands. For instance,  Park Avenue, Color Plus, Parx, etc.

Park Avenue produces the best fragrances and body care products with standard quality and of course, with consistency.

Fab India

As the name suggests, the brand and our country are definitely fabulous. India is really unique when it comes to its heritage and homegrown qualities. I researched well, people cannot help, but fall in love with India. A similar case happened in 1960. John Bissel, an American fell in love with Indian art and crafts and started this brand. This brand uses traditional skills and techniques. Therefore, this is the most exciting part!

Louis Philippe

Yet again owned by the Aditya Birla Group, which was founded in 1989. It is a male formal fashion-based brand, which produces quality, luxurious and affordable products! 

Above all, good quality is more than a promise. 

Van Heusen

Adding to the Aditya Birla Group list, Van Heusen is definitely a top-notch, premium, and fast-growing Indian brand.

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Founded in 1999 under the company Vedant Fashion, Mr. Ravi Modi definitely birthed a masterpiece. It is a collection of Indian ethnic wear for men. The brand slowly spread its arms to women’s and children’s fashion too! And hence birthed Mohey and Mehbaz. The Indian ethnicity drips pride from these garments and the quality can never get questioned. 

Indian Terrain

Indian Terrain is a clothing brand for men. Certainly, the main idea lies in smart and casual clothing, which Mr. Venky Rajgopal grew interested in. Elegance fitted with comfortable fabric is what the brand reputation consists of. For example, the clothing line consists of shorts, shirts, trousers denim, and patterned and printed wear.

In conclusion, never underestimate India on any grounds. India has always set records and in every field, fashion is one of them. Above all, with the best home-founded companies and brands, our country keeps soaring high.

It is now time to incline a little more towards the ‘Made in India’ belief and contribute a little more to this land.

Ethnicity and elegance will follow you till the end.

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