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Find Your Fashion Aesthetic

Find Your Fashion Aesthetic from a young age, you’re told by everyone and everything, what fashion shields look like. From Disney channel transformation to Tik Tok trends. At some point you might have felt like everything that you wear is simply wrong. We’ve all been there. There are so many unique style types in the world. There are endless possibilities, but we feel it is important to know the fundamentals. We have made a list for you which feel like includes the most common ones and the ones that we see people speak about the most.

  1. Avant-garde

The dictionary definition for this is the advanced group in any field, especially in the visual, literary, or musical arts whose works are characterized by chiefly unorthodox and experimental methods. This is an aesthetic that you will be able to appreciate artistically even if you don’t see yourself styling in it. It can be referred to as being visionary and futuristic. If you are someone who encompasses this style you won’t be following any rules or will be defined in any perimeters. You will fully be going outside the box.

  1. Minimalist

The dictionary definition says a person favors a moderate and slow approach. A minimalist style can be translated in a bunch of diverse ways. Some people might say it is a very general style aesthetic of clean and minimal lines, with no crazy details. It would include clean, limited textures and not mixing too many textures. For some people, a minimalist aesthetic might mean toning it down. Not wearing too much and going with the theory of less is better.

  1. Maximalist

A dictionary definition is a person who favors a radical and immediate approach. So basically, maximalists can be considered the complete opposite of minimalists. This is going to somebody that wants more and more. Whether it’s bold prints, bold colors, tons and tons of accessories, or just some ‘out there’ sort of patterns, maximalist is somebody that’s taking their style out to their max.

  1. Contemporary

In the present time, modern. You can think of contemporary in line with minimalism. Contemporary is always cleaner lines look.

  1. Streetwear

Comfortable yet trendy, pulling inspiration from hip culture. Some are hype beasts who seek hype like limited edition sneakers. Comfortable yet trendy clothes very much drive the streetwear culture. But what’s happening these days is that people are taking it up a notch and giving it a new angle of streetwear chic. You do that by taking a lot of casual, edgy streetwear vibe and then adding a little bit of elevation of femininity.

  1. Sophisticated

By the dictionary definition, it is considered as reflecting an educated taste. Specifically, it has a more mature appearance, and it can be exceptionally clean. Usually, it is going to be a lot more tasteful and not showy. The wonderful thing about this style is that there is a wide range of it, so it is a lot of fun as you can play with it.

  1. Androgynous

This style by the dictionary means a style that is neither masculine nor feminine in appearance. This is also the perfect description because many people assume androgynous to learn more about the boyish aspect of it, more tomboy-like. The better way to say it would be that t has a more genderless approach to a style. You could also look at it as a balanced style.

  1. Sporty

This style means wearing clothes designed for or suitable for sports. Especially these days, with people embracing the yoga pant look or the loungewear look. People are getting into the sporty vibe. It can be translated in so many different ways. It can be feminine, it can be masculine, it can be sexy, and it can be anything you want it to be. This aesthetic is a fun one that can easily be translated to your liking.

  1. Classic

It means the first or highest quality class or rank, serving as a standard model or guide. When we think about classics, we think more about quality and timelessness. We see somebody with a classic style that values and prioritizes timeless pieces. Speaking to the definition, it is going to be the highest level, the highest grade of clothes because timeless things are the things that have withstood the test of time.

  1. Boho/Bohemian

A person is an artist or writer who lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules and practices. Bohemian derives from the gypsy vibe, the flowy skirts, the crop tops, and a very free-spirited vibe. Flowy feminine types of clothing have gained popularity as a result of its arrival in our current time and our current trends. It is beautiful, elegant, and lovely. It is a fun style as it adds contrast to the other styles.

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