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Earth Day: Ways To Promote As A Model


Every year Earth Day is observed on April 22. Senator Gaylord Nelson was the first to promote ecology and raise awareness of every increasing promotion on this day in 1970. Therefore, the UN recognizes this day as “International Mother Earth Day”. earth day is usually celebrated by organizing different activities related to nature. Many activities such as cleaning the streets, planting trees, or promoting recycling and sustainable living are conducted on this day. Many times, activists and nature enthusiasts go out and write a petition to the government regarding having to take action to stop certain activities that harm the environment. Schools and educational institutions arrange programs to inform students about the mother earth. They carry out simple activities which appeal to the children, to raise awareness. It is necessary to spread the awareness of this day too.

Models as influencers

You can do many things to promote this day among the people who live under a rock. Especially if you are a model and you have a huge number of followers. You can spread this word of saving the environment like fire. People usually are ignorant and busy running to put bread on their table. Still, they take out time from their busy schedules and check out what is trending. That is when the models or influencers come into the picture. When they check on what is trending and come across a model planting a tree or posing with a signboard that says “save the environment”, they tend to pay attention more. This is only possible if you as a model believe firmly in it. Because it is easy for people to follow if they see you practicing yourself. Hence, you can start a trend that can help the environment.


You can save the environment in many ways. Fashion happens to be one of them. People will never stop wearing clothes. But these clothes are made from synthetic fibers which are harmful to us and the environment. It is necessary to spread awareness regarding the same. As models are the backbone of the fashion industry, you can do many things. To date, many established models have started the trend of sustainable fashion or ethical fashion. As a result, people are now transitioning to healthier choices of fashion. So, as a model, you can start promoting more sustainable and ethical clothing down the ramp. This will set a trend and invite more people to apply sustainable fashion and ethical fashion. The same rule applies here too. If you follow this yourself, you will set an example for the people to do the same.


People follow a model or an influencer more than anyone. Many have them as their idols. Hence, your lifestyle affects the life of the people directly or indirectly. Therefore, you must be aware of the environment more than anyone. If you practice certain things to protect the environment then people following you will also make it their habit. Every small to big lifestyle choice can have a result on your followers. For instance, what you do with the wrapper after you have a snack to the choice of fashion determines the life choices of many people. They see and implicitly practice the same. Therefore, it is a huge responsibility to be a model off the ramp too. Even the brands you choose to advertise, make sure they are environment-friendly. You can also make a habit of using more organic and pro-environment products and equipment and promote it to the people.

Social media

This era is governed by technology. No matter how hard you try there is no avoiding it at times. Social media has become an inseparable phenomenon of every individual. There is always a sheer need to share everything you do on social media and nothing is private these days. Models and celebrities are the people who are followed the most by the people. They follow every little thing you do and then post. Now, this can be an excellent way of promoting something like Earth Day. You can easily start a trend of a challenge. Something like no plastic week challenge. These activities can help promote awareness in a fun way. Also, it is super easy to spread a message through the internet and social media. A collaboration with NGOs that work for the environment and then promoting it on social media can encourage people to do the same. 


Models play a part in shaping the views of society. People follow everything you do. The main influence is on the young crowd. This crowd is the future of the planet. Hence, the future will depend on whatever they do or the views they carry. They must have the environment as their priority. As the life of this youth mostly dependent on social media or trends. It is a smart choice to spread awareness. Also, models are almost everywhere around, right from the mobile screen to a huge hoarding. You can play a vital role in imbibing something into a generation.


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