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Comeback Fashion Trends Of 2021

Comeback Fashion Trends Of 2021 Looking for something that works for the office and then dinner after? Want to feel like you are wearing something from New York Fashion Week? Get ready to take notes from WMH India, so you are prepared to strut your stuff. Here we present the hottest fashion trends to start your days with. This post will help you look cute and stay warm all winter long. Thanks to these trends. Although these trends were popular a long time ago, they did make a comeback in 2021. Let’s not delay and jump into the trends that made their way from the recent past: 

Flare jeans

This year brought back the prior trends from past decades. Jeans stood as initial attention in this list. Moreover, one pair of jeans keep coming back from the 90s- flared jeans. Particularly flared jeans fit from the waist till the knees; from the knees, it becomes more expansive. It, however, resembles a bell-like shape. Now, it is a trend carried all over TikTok and Instagram. This pandemic made us watch the shifting fashion of jeans from fitted silhouettes to loosened jeans that include flared jeans. Prominent denim brands like Levi’s and American Eagle witnessed a rise in the sale of flared jeans this year. 


The ‘it’ thing in the 90s successfully stepped and stayed in the fashion trend this year. Chokers are fitted necklaces. These are made of multiple elements such as beads, metal, leather, gold, silver, platinum, velvet, etc. Previously, celebrities, as well as individuals, swirled their looks by adding a choker to their outfits. However, this fashion trend is back with plenty of creativity that results in new designs. Today we can witness these chokers primarily valued to go with the traditional and semi-traditional looks. Also, many Instagram influencers recreated their Western look with silver chokers. Hence, chokers are decent jewelry to choose for your ‘steal the attention’ look.

Asymmetrical Silhouettes

Another one from the prior trend in the line to steal the glance of the audience is asymmetrical style. This pandemic unlocked the doors to TikTok and Instagram. Even the young or the old became familiar with the fashion trends, and asymmetric styles were all over these platforms. By ‘not following the rules of fashion’ and choosing different customs for outfits, it became popular. It was like Goth versus Pop; dark versus sunny; Depeche Mode versus Madonna. Many well-known celebrities such as Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, and many more contributed their consent for asymmetric styles.

Cold shoulders

Cold shoulders have been a popular trend in the past few years. It provides a casual summer look that is sexy. Thanks to our celebrities and Instagram influencers to introduce the latest cold shoulder blouses and dresses with great significance. However, coming back from this was not respectable until the pandemic. This category of fashion trends was appreciated by everyone during the vaccination drive. Moreover, you can flatter your body with a cold shoulder top along with a traditional skirt, flowing skirt, or jeans. Cold shoulder tops and dresses along with chokers stood as a sensation this year.

Leather jackets 

This 90’s fashion was a treat for the eyes and the body. From this decade, another fashion trend that made its way back was leather jackets. However, styling leather jackets exists in so many ways. From dressing it up with dresses or skirts to going low-key with jeans, leather jackets are always there to save your day. Moreover, this year it also appeared in styling with the traditional outfits to keep you warm this winter. What else will be more stylish than choosing cool leather jackets for your solid sarees and suits? Multiple ways to wear leather jackets scatter all over the internet. Hence, the trend’s popularity is notable, and taking this trend to 2022 will not be an oversight. 

‘Fashion trends are back’ is the most quoted statement. It is because trends come and they go. Some trends come back as they were very popular once. Staying up to date with the trends makes anyone more confident. Especially for someone who is from the fashion industry. Keep yourself updated with the trends with WMH -India. 

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