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Breaking the Gender Binary: The Rise of Gender-Neutral Festive Accessories

In an era where societal constructs and norms are continuously being challenged and reshaped, the world of fashion is no exception. WMH India, at the forefront of embracing and advocating change, has been keenly observing and welcoming a transformative trend in festive accessories – the rise of gender-neutral pieces. Gone are the days when accessories were pigeonholed into ‘for men’ and ‘for women’ categories. Today, the line is blurring, allowing individuals to express themselves in ways that feel authentic and unbounded by societal expectations.

A Historical Perspective

Historically, fashion and accessories were not strictly gendered. Think back to the majestic kings who wore intricately designed jewels and the tribal chiefs who donned feathers and beads irrespective of gender. These were symbols of status, power, and spirituality. It is modern societal norms that introduced and solidified these gender-based distinctions.

Why Gender-Neutral Accessories?

The call for gender-neutral accessories is much more than just a fashion statement. It is a proclamation of identity, individuality, and freedom. It is about reclaiming one’s own narrative and breaking free from shackles that dictate how one should look or dress based on their gender. Moreover, it encourages sustainable fashion. When an accessory is not limited by gender, its usability doubles within a household.

The Indian Scenario

India, with its rich cultural tapestry, offers a unique perspective on this trend. While we have always had unisex accessories like rudraksha malas or silver kadas, the contemporary market is witnessing an increasing number of brands offering gender-neutral options. From earrings and neckpieces to bags and shoes, the options are growing exponentially.

WMH India’s Take

WMH India believes in celebrating diversity in all its forms, and fashion is a significant part of that. We’ve featured models and personalities who’ve beautifully adorned gender-neutral accessories, and we’ve seen an overwhelming response from our readers who appreciate this inclusivity. The trend not only champions individual expression but also prompts a broader discussion on the fluidity of gender, a topic that needs more limelight in today’s world.

Brands Leading the Charge

Several Indian brands are now designing keeping this trend in mind. They’re not just stopping at accessories but are also diving deep into clothing, fragrances, and more. Such brands are not just being inclusive; they’re also paving the way for sustainable fashion, producing less but catering to more.

Challenges in Acceptance

While the trend is gaining momentum, it’s essential to acknowledge the challenges. Traditional viewpoints, deeply ingrained societal norms, and a lack of understanding can sometimes impede the complete acceptance of this trend. However, with continued dialogue, education, and exposure, the hope is for an inclusive future where everyone can express themselves freely.


The rise of gender-neutral festive accessories is not just a passing trend but a reflection of a broader societal shift towards acceptance and understanding. WMH India celebrates this shift and looks forward to a world where fashion and personal expression know no bounds. It’s a call to the industry and individuals alike: Embrace change, celebrate diversity, and let fashion be the universal language that it truly is.

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