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Behind the Glamour: A Day in the Life of an Indian Fashion Model

The life of a fashion model is often viewed through the lens of glamour and prestige, especially in the vibrant and diverse world of Indian fashion. However, behind the runway shows, photoshoots, and magazine covers lies a rigorous routine that balances discipline, hard work, and creativity. This article peels back the curtain to offer a glimpse into a day in the life of an Indian fashion model, showcasing the dedication and effort required to thrive in this competitive industry.

Morning Rituals

The day begins early for a fashion model, starting with a focus on wellness and self-care. A balanced breakfast fuels the body for the day ahead, followed by a workout routine that varies from yoga and Pilates to strength training, essential for maintaining the physical demands of modeling. Skincare is another pivotal part of the morning, with models following meticulous routines to ensure their skin remains flawless under the harsh lights of photoshoots and runways.

Castings and Meetings

Mid-morning to early afternoon is often filled with castings and meetings. Models dash across the city to present themselves to designers, casting directors, and clients for upcoming projects. Each casting is an opportunity to land a role in fashion shows, editorials, or ad campaigns, requiring models to be adaptable, personable, and professional. Networking and relationship-building are crucial during these interactions, as much of the industry relies on connections and reputation.

Photoshoots or Fashion Shows

Depending on the day, a model might spend the afternoon at a photoshoot or preparing for a fashion show. Photoshoots require patience and collaboration, as models work closely with photographers, stylists, and makeup artists to bring a creative vision to life. For runway shows, the preparation is intense, involving fittings, rehearsals, and hours of makeup and hair styling before the model ever steps onto the catwalk. These experiences are high-pressure but also where the magic of fashion modeling comes to life.

Personal Branding and Social Media

In today’s digital age, a significant part of a model’s day is devoted to building their personal brand through social media. Platforms like Instagram and TikTok serve as portfolios and avenues for models to connect with fans and industry professionals. Creating content, engaging with followers, and promoting their work online is now an essential aspect of a model’s career, blending the lines between personal and professional life.

Evening Wind Down

After a long day, winding down is crucial for mental and physical recovery. This might involve a healthy dinner, meditation, or simply relaxing with a book or music. Reflecting on the day’s achievements and challenges helps models stay grounded and focused on their goals. Additionally, models often use this time to review their schedules, plan for upcoming engagements, and ensure they’re prepared for the demands of the following day.


A day in the life of an Indian fashion model is a blend of glamour and grind, showcasing the industry’s dynamic and demanding nature. Beyond the catwalk and camera flashes, it’s a career that demands relentless dedication, resilience, and a continuous pursuit of personal and professional growth. Through their hard work, Indian fashion models contribute to the tapestry of global fashion, bringing India’s rich cultural heritage and modern innovation to the forefront.

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