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5 dark truths about the modeling industry. What most media outlets seem to miss out!

5 dark truths about the modeling industry. What most media outlets seem to miss out!

The world of fashion and glamour mainly promotes good looks, but every coin has two sides. The question is that this world that looks so pretty and glamorous from the outside, is it just as stunning and glamorous from the inside? Due to our society’s attraction to fun and glamour, we often do not see the other side. But, if you’re thinking about joining this modeling industry, then it’s better to know about this well enough before you step foot into this industry. For sure, there are many good aspects of this modeling industry. But we will discuss about some of the darker sides because this is an easily ignored topic.


Being a model entails spending the bulk of your difficult days, which are numerous. If we consider the life of a world-famous supermodel, it appears that they must be living the nice life. Traveling to exotic countries, staying in beautiful expensive residences, and wearing the most recognised designers’ outfits. However, very few models are able to live such a lavish lifestyle. When models are new, the agency pays for the majority of their expenditures, such as rent, allowance, and so on. The difficulty arises when the model needs travel for work.

Typically, agencies cover the costs of the model’s travel, lodging, and other expenditures. However, in the event that the model does not receive the campaign due to unforeseen circumstances, the model must reimburse the agency for all of its fees. Aside from that, the models are compensated after the agency has repaid itself for rent and other expenses.

  1. The Trap of Cosmetic Surgery

The world of fashion and glamour will do anything to make you see and feel good. Out of that, one thing is plastic surgeries. Unfortunately, from the start of a model’s career, one is put in their mind that looking like a doll always is far more important than anything else. Due to this, there is no problem is doing surgeries, injections, and fillers because you’re just doing it to advance your career.

A classic example of this thing is Anushka Sharma. She was not happy with the size of her thin-shaped lips, so she decided that she wanted to get fillers. It is mandatory for all celebrities and models in both India and South Korea to have double eyelid surgery. The surgery part is all good if you’re doing it for yourself and your body, not under the pressure of somebody.

  1. Casting Couch

2018 was the year when India saw the rise of the ‘Me Too’ movement. Some people did it anonymously, some people did it openly. As these models must always maintain a healthy lifestyle, they exercise daily and keep a close eye on their eating habits.

  1. Every Inch Matters

You might have heard a lot of celebrities, actors, and models saying that they have major body image issues. In this industry, many people are obsessed with getting skinny.It is needed which you put on successfully ideal garments in order that your physique, shape, and garments all appear excellent. Fitness and diet are essential for these models, so they exercise daily.

When a model can’t fit in the designer’s garments, in that case, the designer can very easily pick up the phone and call a backup model. This Is because there are thousands of girls in this industry and a lot of options for the designer.

  1. Expiration Date

A lot of times you might’ve heard people saying that a model’s career ends at the age of 30 and that women have an expiration date of 30 years, especially the models in this industry. It is a big issue in the fashion industry. Considering that the fashion industry gravitates towards hiring younger models more than the elder models, there comes a time in the model’s career when she becomes too old to work. It gets extremely hard for them to find work later.


If you do plan on modeling, it is a smart idea to be a model but also have some other kinds of skills or have a backup career that you can fall back on. If you are planning to join the modeling industry, we hope that this article gave you some sort of insight into the problems you might have to face once you’re in the industry.

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