Tailor fitted Athleisure

Athleisure has defined the pandemic fashion. People are also making lifestyle changes and adapting wellness-driven routines. Hence, we all know it is here to stay.

Fluffy Overcoats & Jackets

Recently at Met Gala, Rihanna and Asap Rocky rocked the fluffy blanket and jackets as their signature look, and we belivev soft cuddly fabrics will be the talk of the town this winter.

Cotton and Silk Sarees

We all went through our mother’s closet and fell in love with their sarees. Sarees can be worn all time, Pairing gold or silver jewelry to dress up or just casual Kundan jewelry for a casual everyday look.

Puff sleeves and shoulder pads

Paying homage to the 80s, shoulder pads and puff sleeves are coming back in style. Puff jackets and tops create the 70-30 proportionality of the body, therefore giving the illusion of longer legs.


Fashion trend of the 50s is coming back in with a bang. Headscarves add that classic touch to your outfit without doing much. You can style it in various ways and fulfill your cottage-core aesthetic without spending much.

What the future of fashion holds

The post-pandemic era represents the struggle and beauty of our existence. Taking inspiration from the changing political air and many human rights protest, fashion is out there to support social causes

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