Ethnic Wear VS Western Wear; The Never Ending Debate

We are all living in an era of instant change


In India, we have seen people adapting to western culture and their sense of fashion has changed exponentially. There is a constant debate between Indian and Western Wear. 


“I do not choose one over the other. It really depends upon the situation. So if it is an event or any Puja then it is really fun to wear your Lehenga. But my go-to outfit is always, black jeans and a blacktop." -Kavita Mishra, Miss Navi Mumbai


“If you talk about how comfortable an outfit is, it completely depends upon the person how they carry their outfit. I love to wear saree, it is always going to be my first preference. I equally like to wear both, on a daily basis I wear Denim and t-shirts" -Sona Goldar, Miss Diva East 2013


However, western wear usually offers freedom for expression and a person feels confident. Western clothes are usually convenient and comfortable to wear.


Ethnic wear on other hand does represent our culture. Also, it is very important to keep a hold on them and preserve our national culture.


Wearing clothes according to the occasion is important. It is true that western clothes give a sense of global unity academically and professionally but then it is also important to choose clothes that might represent us globally

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