Embroidery – A Fading Art




Embroidery is a rich art that not only involves weaving threads together. But the origins, storylines, hard work, and a lot of dedication and concentration.

Machines will never be able to replace the work of hardworking creators.

Uplifting the craft

The only source of income in some families is embroidery.Creating a wholesome atmosphere for these creators will help them to preserve the losing sheen of a historically carried-on gift!

Uncertainty and Lost Value

We Indians are not realizing the true value of this live art form. Embroiders working day and night to produce handmade goods with originality are being replaced with machines.

Talking about preservation, there are many people who are trying to save this drooping graph. The Munj family in Goa has preserved a 141-yeared saree. 

Treasured and Preserved

In conclusion, with too much grief, this treasured art is facing its downfall. And we need to revive and treasure it at all costs.

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