What's the buzz about?

Why Philanthropy?

Giving it back to the world is never a bad idea. The happiness it brings to the one giving is beyond measures. While the support it provides to the people or community that needs it is beyond measure.

At WMH India we realized that the potential to help others comes from within us, but most of the times, we just end up putting our help at the wrong places and then later regret or realize that it may not have been the best help we could’ve given.

We have come across many alleged nonprofits who have been utilizing the funds raised by them in the most inconvenient ways. While there are many putting in their best efforts to help the needy, but unfortunately have not been so resourceful.

This is where we come in as a helping hand. We request such unresourceful nonprofit organizations to reach us and we would ask our connections to join hands and help with the best we could. Whether it be creating content or be it raising funds, the modeling and entertainment industry has always led the path for others to follow. Most influencers are involved with several non-profit organizations to help make the community better for all.

Let’s all join hands to make this a success and build a better community for us and the generations to come.

Are you an unresourceful non-profit organization that needs help?

Submit your information below to for our team to assist you further.

Who can you help?

SAICPD Sansthan

Shanish All India Coaches and Players Development (SAICPD) Sansthan is an organisation started by a Laxman Award recepient and includes various sports players and coaches from India. This sansthan helps encourage sports persons to do better, along wiuth setting up some financial assists for growing sports persons. You can help by helping raise funds for their next project or by becoming a volunteer.

Employ Woman

Employ Woman is an upcoming Platform to help women across the world get better jobs. With Employ Woman's Platform as a service,the focus is to provide more skilled education to women across the world. This platform will include free online skilll training for women and also have a jos application service. You can help by helping raise funds for their next project or by becoming a volunteer.


Following the concept of free education and skill training to Women, BragSocial has been focused upon content creating skills for women across the world. in 2020 when the world came to a stand still, BragSocial decided to upscale the audience with an internship program for college women across the world. You can help by helping raise funds for their next project or by becoming a volunteer.