Payment, Refunds, & Philanthropy

All Services availed by “YOU” from WMH India are accepted in conformity with that they will be paid at the principal rates set out or agreed upon the parties (that is between WMH India & the User) on the date of publication.

WMH India may change its rates at any time by letting the User know of its modified rates. However, any changes to the applicable rates will not apply to any agreement made prior to the date of such change between the parties.

No form of any Refund / Cancellation of any payments will be done by the Agency (WMH India) for any Services availed or not by the Model/Participant and the following cases:

  • WMH India denied the services to the payee reasoning misconduct/misbehavior,
  • Payee filed unreasonable complains wasting the time and resources of the company,
  • Payee uses profanity over any communication.

All Payments are charged for services inclusive of advertising, publishing, mediating, headhunting, and consulting service.

Any Payment is subject to refund if NO service/consultation was offered within 30 days of payment.


The Philanthropist may at its discretion to a charity of it’s choosing a portion of its proceeds


Charity/Charitable purpose includes providing relief to the poor in terms of education, medical and the advancements of any other object of general public utility.

Donations means transfer of money from transferor to transferee for charitable purposes or humanitarian aid.

Funding means a third-party or usually a non-beneficiary party providing financial support for benevolent or philanthropic purposes.

Payment means a way to remit money from one place to another (transferor to transferee) for charitable purposes The payment instruction can be communicated either manually i.e., through an instrument like a cheque draft, payment order etc. or through electronic means, so that a payment can be made by transferor to transferee to the participant in such a system or between two participants.

Philanthropy means initiatives taken by private parties for focusing on contributing for public good and human welfare for a longer period of time.

Refund means reimbursement of money that the transferor had paid to any non-profit organization listed in WMH India. the same to be paid back from the transferee to the transferor. Simply put, to return money in restitution or repayment. 

Non-profits organizations (NPO) means a legal entity organized and operated for a collective public and social benefit and no form any monetary value is distributed among its members, owners etc.

Tax-Liabilities means the amount of money in total owed by an individual, corporation or any other such legal entities to the tax authorities  

General Legal Forms:

The right of all citizens to form associations or unions is guaranteed by Article 19(1)(c) of the Constitution of India. There are three pertinent legal forms of not-for-profit organizations (NPOs) under Indian law: trusts, societies, and companies.

The Income Tax Act sets forth the types of donations that are tax-deductible (Income Tax Act Section 80G). The Act permits donors to deduct contributions to trusts, societies, and Section 8 companies. Many institutions listed under 80G are government-related; donors are entitled to a 100 percent deduction for donations to some of these government funds. By contrast, donors are generally entitled to a 50 percent deduction for donations to non-governmental charities. Total deductions taken may not exceed 10 percent of the donor's total gross income. In addition, in order to qualify for tax deduction, any donation in excess of INR 2000 (approximately $30) cannot be made by cash. In-kind donations are not tax-deductible under Section 80G. Receipts issued to donors by NPOs must bear the number and date of the 80G certificate and indicate the period for which the certificate is valid.

World Model Hunt India partners with several non-governmental organizations as a part of its corporate social responsibility. The World Model Hunt India Community is trying its best to gain the support of its fellow and other community members and encourages individuals/organizations/agencies etc., to join this initiative with at least minimum donation of Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand only) and/or become a volunteer in expanding the network of philanthropic activities. This is to leverage its community resources and determine the use of external resources in that community to better address challenges or to improve the quality of life in a community. It is an approach to development that emphasizes the building of internal assets, capacities, and trust through participation, collaboration, and shared power in decision-making.