Glittery Pride

India is a developing country with a really unique aura. Homegrown in our country, the clothing industry is skyrocketing under its care. Well in this socioeconomic society we live in, more than half of the population has become brand conscious. They believe that you are what your clothes show to the world. It is more about how expensive...

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Ways To Style A Leather Jacket

Let us say you are browsing on your computer feeling really confused about what should you buy now. You have enough clothes, but something about them feels monotonous. Going through all those ‘Must-Have’ lists may be stressful, both for you, and your wallet! So, what will you do now? Wait for your favorite brand to release new designs,...

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My Mane Does Not Shine

There are days when your hair just does not listen to you. Frustrating, right? Well, crazy hair days add to being a bolster in our ‘easy-going’ lives. It is very common for your hair to get damaged, and there are cures for it. But do you not get the desired results on using hair treatment products, better shampoos,...

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Embroidery – A Fading Art

India is well known for its art, crafts, and culture. It is a hub that stores various forms of beauty and diversity. And embroidery is an integral part of it. You must agree, our embroidery forms are famous all over the globe and the rich textile industry is a cherry on top, right? Embroidery initially was considered traditional...

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The Way You Look!

If you had a rupee for every second you spend in front of your closet choosing an outfit, how rich you would be? Of course, it works differently for different people. Some of you might be quick while some may take ages to dress up. There is no doubt that you always want to dress well and be...

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Embracing Comfort – Athleisure

You must realize that comfort is really important in all of our lives. With hectic routines and lives, and with tons of work and busy schedules, uncomfortable clothes would be the last option to choose. But can we really sacrifice style and fashion for comfort? Well, not anymore. Answering the what's Athleisure is a combination of the words...

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Tips To Organize Your Wardrobe

  There are days when you open your closet and all you see is a mess. Happens, right? Or you just do not get what you are looking for and fall short of time, again and again. Well, this is one of the reasons, why one should be organized in life. Having a good, clean, and organized closet...

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Take Care Of Your Clothes!

Humans seek fast in everything, right from food to travel. Clothes are no exception to this scenario. This need for speed results in various hazards. Fast food is a way unhealthy life. Whereas, fast fashion is a way of unhealthy life as well as environment. The only solution to this is keeping up with the balance. Or else,...

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Fashion – A Tool to Raising Awareness

Today’s generation is an inclusive one, and acceptance plays a huge role here. Media has always been a means to pass on messages and ideologies. But most importantly, the fashion industry is playing an ideal role in raising awareness for important issues. It carries messages through large geographies and has an unmatchable cultural reach. Sometimes fashion icons and...

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